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media criticism a22: bush protest

Corporate News Confusing on Bush Forestry Plan

What's up w/ that Oregonian title: Environmental plan's scope unclear?
Its rather clear where Bush is headed with logging on federal lands. In the headline article, titled "Forest policy includes industry," it mentions, "..'the Healthy Forests Initiative'... could include doing away with laws that enacted a citizen appeals process which environmental groups often use to contest what they say are damaging logging projects."

How can the Oregonian even have an article on the front page saying Bush's Environmental Policy is unclear? Further down in the lead article it is mentioned that part of the plan calls for logging "larger more valuable trees to help pay for the clearing of underbrush with little market value." So we'll cut the stuff we can make money from and then cut all the other stuff. Does that even sound like thinning to you? It sounds more like the C word - but that's a big duh.

AP reported that "U.S. President Bush wants more logging to prevent forest fires." But the article does not even mention the history of misguided Forestry service policy. There's no story on the meat of the issue here - just side issues to play on people's emotions.

National Public Relations radio "coverage" 23.Aug.2002 10:56

Sander Van Ogre

Ever the friend of Corporate America (and the status quo in Washington), NPR's so-called coverage of King George's visit to Portland failed to mention thousands in the streets, pepper spraying, rubber bullet shooting police, or nearly anything relating to the demonstrations at all! Suprised? Don't be. National Public relations radio is no longer a reliable sourse of information. The boys in the front office are former government and corporate operatives. One of those corporados even was at the helm of Radio Marti, the virulent USG anti-Castro propaganda outlet. Remember this day the next time your local NPR affiliate holds a fund drive, Call them up on their own dime and tell them why you won't be contributing. Tell them to get real, to carry Free Speech Radio, or Alternative Radio, or Democracy Now!, anything but National Public Relations radio.