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actions & protests a22: bush protest

Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest (fixed)

Police threatened to arrest all persons that would not move to the inside of the chain link "free speech zone". Many people were simply standing along side the road with signs, not content to be essentially caged in. Some demonstraters chose to actively resist by staging a sit-in in the middle of the road while the bulk of the remaining chose to stand their ground on the side of road. This particular action resulted in no arrests. (article 1)
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest (fixed)
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest (fixed)
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest (fixed)
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest (fixed)
Whats wrong with this picture? 24.Aug.2002 17:07

Morris P.

I was at this protest in Central Point. Even tho this picture might show a kind gesture of flowers for the police...The guy with the flowers tore them from the landscaping at the fair grounds. Protesting bad behavior with bad behavior just doesn't make sense to me. Respect is a gift we give ourselves. Disrespect breeds cahos, and the truth gets distorted.

flowers 25.Aug.2002 11:02


Where else was he going to get the flowers? Buy them at a flower shop where they are produced at a sweatshop greenhouse in Columbia? Flowers ARE for picking, I'm glad he chose to pick them from county/state sponsored establishment.

that nonviolent demonstrator 25.Aug.2002 14:31

Diana poopoo don'tbeaslavetopropaganda@yahoo.com

the nonviolent demonstrator in this photo (in the middle of the road with flowers in both hands--arms outstretched)is awesome, courageous, and unflinching. What a guy! I'm not a hippy but he is to be commended for standing in the face of all that authority with his flowers and strong will. Thanks be to all of those protestors out in Oregon!!

oh please 27.Aug.2002 10:25

made up

While this kind of showboating makes for cute pictures what does this kind of crap actually accomplish?

Stop the Mad from running our town 28.Aug.2002 21:37

A citizen of Portland

Start arresting these people!

These people are killing Portland.

Get rid of all these stupid protestors that are doing nothing more than ditching class and wasting dadies money.

Start making them do some time in jail and for each time they are arrested at a protest make them pay massive fines and a few days in jail.

I'm tired of paying my tax dollars for some stupid flower chic walking down the street with her friends that are holding illegal protests.

Daddy's money 29.Aug.2002 06:53

Katie keh1022@yahoo.com

Yeah, for the guy who said that protesters should be arrested for staging illegal protests, I hope you realize that protests like this are what liberated women, african-americans and the disabled in this country, to name a few. Our right to take to the streets and demand our country do the right thing is an intergral part of America, and should be defended at all costs. We forget that this country is supposed to be accountable to its citizens, and protest is one of the loudest voices we have with which to voice our dissent. The real criminals here are the police who didn't let hard working Americans exercize their rights to free speech, and pepper sprayed small children and innocent protesters.
Don't be so quick to hand your country over to the government, friend, or you will find yourself without a voice.

sweatshop greenhouse? 30.Aug.2002 06:45

sweaty hothouse flower

that's fucking hilarious man.