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Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest

Police threatened to arrest all persons that would not move to the inside of the chain link "free speech zone". Many people were simply standing along side the road with signs, not content to be essentially caged in. Some demonstraters chose to actively resist by staging a sit-in in the middle of the road while the bulk of the remaining chose to stand their ground on the side of road. This particular action resulted in no arrests.
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest
Pictures from Southern Oregon Bush Protest
Beautiful! 22.Aug.2002 15:49


This is the beginning of learning to resist the 'protest cage' situation.

Good going!

Thank you 22.Aug.2002 15:54


Thank you southern oregon!

southern oregon in solidarity with portland 22.Aug.2002 17:43


we estimate at least 200 protesters showed up at the Jackson County Expo Park near Medford, Oregon to commemorate dub's visit. This is a large number for so. oregon! many people of different ages, senior citizens, children. gamelan orchestra. riot police were prepared to arrest, with loaded rubber bullet guns, etc. it seems like there must have been a directive to avoid arrest, however, because outgoing traffic was rerouted around the impromptu road block. protesters remained on the scene, standing alongside the road as the 5000 (?) or so "invited" attendees of bush's party exited in their almost uniformly enormous, plush suvs and faux rancher/logger luxury trucks. so. oregon is now tuned into downtown portland, give him hell!

please!!!!!!!!!! 22.Aug.2002 17:48

Faith hill

Portestors blocking a public street accomplish nothing but looking foolish. As Faith Hill meant to sing, "...Just Bathe."