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Updated info on Bush protest

Public Information on the Bush Administration Protests coinciding with
President Bush fundraiser for US Senator Gorgon Smith
Thursday, August 22, 2002
Updated Friday, August 16
Bush Protests hotline number: 503-972-6070
On the internet:  http://www.portland.indymedia.org/protestbush


A massive Protest of thousands of people participating August 22nd when George W. Bush appears at the Downtown Portland, Oregon Hilton in the evening to raise money for Senator Gordon Smith at a dinner party. All causes in opposition to Bush are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Downtown Portland Hilton, 921 SW Sixth Avenue.


Public events connecting Bush to his local supporters during the day on Thursday, August 22.

A diverse, decentralized response from all the different aspects of our community.

Gordon Smith's poor human rights record and lack of respect for the environment is a target.


Bush Protests hotline delivers gathering point and action participation information 503-972-6070.

Portland Indymedia posts with up to date information will be available.  http://www.portland.indymedia.org/protestbush

On Thursday, August 22 in downtown Portland at the North Park Blocks there will be a central "information booth" and gathering point for people joining the protests at all hours of the day.

No one group is "in charge" of the protests, and no one message is the theme. For example, this is NOT a "Protest Bush's war in Afghanistan" event. This is an opportunity for everyone to use his or her own reason to Protest the Bush administration. The entire community owns the protest of the Bush administration.

There is no one organization doing media work and outreach for Bush's visit. All organizations and affinity groups who support or participate in the events are encouraged to send their own press release to both the corporate and people's media stating their reason for protesting the Bush administration. Please cc all press releases to  a22bush@yahoo.com for posterity.

E-mail the Newspapers!

 newsroom@news.oregonian.com The Oregonian
 newsbriefs@portlandtribune.com Portland Tribune
 events@portlandmercury.com Portland Mercury
 jschrag@wweek.com Willamette Week
 alliance@teleport.com Portland Alliance

If you have experience coordinating logistical information, please leave a message on the Bush Protest hotline 503-972-6070 or e-mail  a22bush@yahoo.com and volunteer your skills.

Community members with children, elders and otherwise mellow attitudes are encouraged to use the Family Fun Safe Zone during the protests. This is the only labeled zone. The Family Fun Zone is for everyone protesting the Bush Administration; no one being mellow will be turned away. The rest of the city is not zoned, and no one protesting the Bush Administration will be turned away.

People are strongly encouraged to form affinity groups. An affinity group, for the purposes of this protest, is a group of three or more people supporting each other in the streets. If people are watching out for each other, less "crowd control" or "marshalling" is needed (i.e. watch out for your friends and made decisions together.) If an affinity group wants to stage a special event during the protest, they are encouraged to coordinate with other event planning affinity groups so maximum support can be shared.

Any civil disobedience or direct action scenarios are discussed in autonomous affinity groups that decide independently how much information to share with others.


Pre-August 22

Art party tonight! with stencil supplies (some paint is provided, please bring more and posts for signs are needed, too) from 5:30 PM until dark on Friday, August 16 in the grass in front of Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy (one block South of Freemont, two blocks West of Vancouver.) If you have any paint or banners/signs to paint bring them! A brief meeting about the protests will happen there.

The next affinity group meeting is Monday, August 18 at Portland State University, 6:30 PM in the UCB Building 527 Hall SW, across from Fifth Avenue Cinemas, Third Floor Room 308. Please RSVP at 503-972-6070.

Help is needed distributing fliers that will be ready by Monday, maybe even this weekend (thank you to our printing volunteers!) Check Indymedia for a flier pick-up location near you.

Please send your e-mail or phone contact information to 503-972-6070 or  a22bush@yahoo.com to be kept up to date on Portland First Amendment right to protest (even the President) information.

See You in the Streets!

Ms. Chris