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drug war

major change in u$ policy in Colombia (anti-drug units become terrorists)

"[T]he Bush administration has delivered a powerful new tool: authorization to use nearly $1.7 billion in U.S. military aid directly against the rebels."
..i tried looking for the remainder but not easily found (hidden) at sfgate.com monopoly media

Bogota, Colombia -- Just as new President Alvaro Uribe begins his term determined to combat Colombia's leftist guerrillas, the Bush administration has delivered a powerful new tool: authorization to use nearly $1.7 billion in U.S. military aid directly against the rebels.

Under a provision in the anti-terrorism package President Bush signed last week, Uribe can now use dozens of U.S.-supplied helicopters, as well as Colombian soldiers who were trained by U.S. troops, in operations against the rebels and also right-wing paramilitaries. Previous guidelines limited the use of the helicopters and soldiers to anti-drug operations, restricting Colombia's armed forces from using some of its best equipment and troops to fight the rebels.

The policy shift, coming at a time of escalating guerrilla violence, represents a significant intensification of U.S. involvement in the long and intractable conflict in this country. This week the rebels launched a mortar attack in the capital during Uribe's inauguration ...

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Pubdate: Sat, 10 Aug 2002
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Author: Juan Forero, New York Times

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come on now 18.Aug.2002 15:22


Truth is that US aid has allways been used against the rebels, had no effect on drugs, and has been shared with the paramailitary death squads. US gov docs released in June revealed that the US gov has known, accepted, and continued to support those policies and more. See the docs via the National Security Archives and George Wash U. at the link below.

Much like the war v. terror, the drug war has allways been a disingenous moralistic cover for clasic colonialism: torture and kill rural people so you can take their resource rich land and control the international drug trade. Then tell the people at home that you're actually saving souls, creating voters, or whatever b.s. excuse they will accept to enable their continued enjoyment of colonial privileges. Meanwhile critics continue to make relatively isolated peeps about one atrocity or another without the courage to rip the lies off the whole thing and finally say: