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FBI-FOX Media Merger?

FBI calls have been temporarily rerouted to FOX's "America's Most Wanted"
Police state TV

Though the Bush administration's Terrorism Information and Prevention System (TIPS) is officially on hold until Congress reconvenes in September, steps have been taken to assure diligent citizens have someone to squeal to, while refashioning the U.S. into a comic-strip nation. Callers to the Department of Justice with hot tips on suspicious foreigners have been rerouted to Fox TV's America's Most Wanted.

"We've been asked to take the FBI's TIPS calls for them," an operator explained to salon.com reporter Dave Lindorff. The ACLU called the concept a "completely inappropriate and frightening intermingling of government power and the private sector," musing that perhaps Candid Camera could handle federal video surveillance.

While TIPS was originally intended to gather information on the public via postal workers and cable guys, an anonymous DOJ official said the revised plan is now "absolutely discouraging" tips on activities inside private homes.

-Scott Saxon, "Montreal Mirror" Aug 15th 2002
check sources 16.Aug.2002 16:41


the host of americas most wanted viametly denies this.

this was ture, now it isnt 16.Aug.2002 21:19

The One True b!X

What Walsh said on Larry King was that they are not taking TIPS calls. He never said that they had NEVER taken such calls. And by the time he was on Larry King, they had stopped taking the calls.