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Recent Chiapas News

Reposting of an awesome article on the escalating situation in Chiapas, the human rights violations and lack of democracy.
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SPEECH of Gabriela Soriano Segoviano, CIEPAC.
At the beginning, this 3.Report automatically made me reflect upon the concept of "International Observers". As we all know, the appearance of the Zapatistic National Liberation Army (EZLN) in January 1994, revealed the urgent necessity for the presence of National and International Observers, due to the flagrant violations of Human Rights, caused by the Mexican army, the paramilitary groups and other police corps. The presence of international observers became more urgent in February 1995 after the Mexican army offensive and increased in December 1997 after the massacre in Acteal. Based on the interest and the worries for the Human Rights expressed by the international civil society, as well as expressed by various Mexican organizations, who decided to implement mechanisms that could facilitate and coordinate the presence of internationalists in Mexico, it has been possible to get a more profound understanding of the Mexican and especially the Chiapanecan reality. We have been witnessing the results of these efforts in the Brigades and in the Civil Peace Camps, that has been present ever since.

In the period between 1995 and 1999, the Mexican government initiated a powerful xenophobic campaign against all the foreigners, that dared to visit the indigenous communities in Chiapas, and even implemented changes of the General Citizens Law, conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the National Migration Office (INM). IN this way only foreigners that coulkd achieve a Migration Formula 3 (FM3) had legal access to the country, and the beaurocracy connected to achieving this FM3 merely formed a limitation to the international observance.

As we know, the International Observance as phenomena forms part of international conventions. Examples of this can bee seen in Kosovo, Chechenia, the Middle East, Guatemala and in San Salvador Atenco. The international Observance does not mean interfering in internal political affairs, as it has been expressed by some governments.
In fact, the presence of international observers has to a certain level succeeded in decreasing the hostilities directed towards the indigenous communities and the civil population.

Reading the 3. Report of the CCIODH, I met a phenomena, that different organizations has been analysing, which is the connection between the neo liberal economical projects and the massive violations of Human Rights. With the imposition of a economical model, appears the civil popular resistance, generating an increase in the presence of police and the Mexican army. This increased presence of the armed forces and the police has resulted in more hostilities and repressions towards the civil population, which like wise has increased their resistance.

The actual government of Mexico has initiated a powerful public campaign directed against the international environment, talking about a alleged democratic process in Mexico, arguing that they are working for improved well fare and development , especially for the most marginalized sectors and expressing their concern for Human Rights. Never the less, the change of government in Mexico has not lead to neither a structural nor a fundamental change. With another name and with another political party, the actual government of Mexico continues to impose economical models that affect our population. This means: Change of government and the political party in power - but no change of the neo liberal politics.


The Plan Puebla Panamá is an example of how our actual government is implementing unpopular economical projects; this project shows that the interests behind this plan has nothing to do neither with the development of the population, nor its well fare or security, and even less with the respect for human rights. The interests has to do with the international capital. These kinds of plans is a threat to economical, social and cultural rights of the population, as they put priority to foreign capital, causing damage to national companies and several agricultural sectors.

There are no public participation in the process of decision making, on the contrary the ones being most harmed by the implementation of projects like the PPP, have never been taking seriously, there opinion have never been heard, and even less their real needs. The projects advances and the affected communities are first made aware, when the project already is in progress. The inclusion of the civil society in the process of decision making is indispensable, but decision are made behind the backs of the population and the information available are scarce - no public consuls, that in practice reflect the opinion of the people, has been organized. The world Banc argues that they have organized hearings, but as we all know that they have been false and manipulated. If we want new interrelations, if we are looking for alternative development models, the participation of the population has to be the based in the construction of these.

I do not want to go into details with the projects and programmes. I only want to mention some aspects that illustrate that themes as diverse as the establishing of maquiladores, the establishing of a infra structure - like highways, water dams and telecommunication ; projects of agricultural exploitation, mono cultures, the exploitation and commercialising of the natural resources and the biological security, the introduction of genetically manipulated organisms, the theft of ancient knowledge via patents, as well as many other elements, and further more this projects are always being accompanied by the presence of the Mexican army, of the paramilitary groups or by the police. And as before mentioned, these presence comes in the shape of hostility and repression towards the civil population, which is generally not punished.

Because of the fore mentioned , the visit and the work of the international observers are of great importance, as it has been proved by the 3 visits of CCIODH. They have shown the sensitivity to dialogue with the people, that are directly affected by the flagrant violations of human rights, presenting extended analyses about the conditions in which the population live here in Mexico. At the same time these reports, including the analyses based on the experiences gathered during the visits, have been and are still being handed over to the international institutions. These reports have helped alerting the international society and the population in general. The recommendations expressed by the CCIODH, has pointed out possible scenarios towards an improvement of the conditions of life in the country and it is indispensable that it is communicated to the rest of the world.

We are still witnessing the constant violations of human rights all over the world and therefore the observation and the promotion of human rights has to be a compromise for us all.

Once again I want to express my gratitude to the Comision Civil Internacional de Observación por los Derechos Humanos for its very important work, the contents of the CCIODH reports has brought new meaning and a new dimension to the observation and the international solidarity.


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