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Back to Taco Bell on Saturday--NE Grand and Burnside (meet at KBOO street party)

Join us to protest Taco Bell's exploitation of farmworkers!
12:30pm Grand and Burnside
Grand and Burnside
Saturday, August 17, 12:30 - 2:00 pm
Meet at 12:15 at the CBLOC table at the KBOO street party/book and record sale

It's time!

This Saturday join local labor, student, farmworker, social justice, and community activists at our bi-monthly picket of Taco Bell. The picket will be at the Taco Bell at Grand and Burnside. Bring your voice, bring your chihuahua, and come ready to stand up for justice in the fields.

The bi-monthly pickets are part of a nationwide campaign to support farm workers. Tomato workers in South Florida work for the Six L's corporation which supplies most of the tomatoes used by the chain of pseudo Mexican restaurants (Taco Bell). Workers at Six L's haven't had a raise in the piece rate they work under since 1978. To earn $50 they must pick and carry two tons of tomatoes in a day.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, (named after the unincorporated shanty town where the workers and their families live) has asked for a boycott of Taco Bell to encourage the corporation to agree to pay a penny a pound more for tomatoes and to get Six L's to pass that penny on to the farm workers. That penny a pound increase would nearly double the workers' wages. So far Taco Bell Corporation has refused to get involved. But pressure is mounting as customers get the message and support the boycott.

Because farm workers are excluded from the labor laws that cover most other workers in this country they get none of the protections the law provides. But they are also not limited by many of the restrictions that workers have used to exert some power over employers. The secondary boycott is one of these powerful tools that farm workers can use. The Taco Bell boycott, as well as the successful NORPAC boycott used locally by PCUN, are examples of secondary boycotts. Corporate farm organizations are trying to take tools like this away from farm workers.

Call CBLOC for more information 503-236-7916

phone: phone: 503-236-7916