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Waterfront Unarrest: Police Accountability Campaign seeks more information

We're seeking first hand accounts of FNB Aug 9, 2002
The Police Accountability Campaign is committed to educating the public about police misconduct. We're interested in talking with anyone who can provide a first hand account about the Food Not Bombs August 9 unarrest.

Please contact Adrienne at 503-287-2255 or  info@policeaccountabilitycampaign.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.policeaccountabilitycampaign.org
phone: phone: 503-287-2255

Hoorah 16.Aug.2002 12:26


Its great to see you all taking part in indymedia, keep up the involvement and spread the word!

the original unarrest story on pdx indy is... 16.Aug.2002 12:32

indy reader

ya right 16.Aug.2002 14:55


The Police Accountability folks want to know more about a situation in which a pig got his ass kicked? i sure hope nobody's stupid enough to give them any more info. there's a certain line folks live on one side of or the other, and anybody willing to pop a pig in the face with a skateboard is firmly on the side of the line that should not talk about it to anyone in anyway associated with the pigs...like Police Accountability blah blah blah. Nobody else should talk to them either, posting to IMC is just the kind of slimy opertunism that liberal pig-lovin' members of the establishment use to get points with the pigs for their "connection to the community."

it's one thing to be a liberal who doesn't hate pigs, it's another to be a pig loving liberal who sits on a stupid board associated with them in any way.

fuck pigs, we gotta take care of ourselves.

nice try, Nointelpro... 16.Aug.2002 15:49

bad cop, no donut

Ask around, you'll find that the grassroots Police Accountability Campaign is first all not "associated with them [the cops] in any way" and secondly that the good people in this organization have done important work to raise the issue of police accountability in the public mind.

A heck of a lot more than you've done, Cort.

research 16.Aug.2002 16:17


I concur with the reader above, are you familiar with the group or are you just spouting off on some hazy principles?

glad someone's collecting info 16.Aug.2002 16:50

PJTTF hater

sure would be nice to have SOME body or group collecting evidence that might show there is a pattern to the cops' behavior, especially, in this case, since right after that excessive force was used by the cops in the same area, (possibly as a retaliatory measure...?)

Pretty wierd to have all those motorcycle pigs deployed under the burnside bridge to hassle bicyclists who were beginning a critical mass at the same location as the un-arrest 2 days prior... no, not wierd, a PATTERN.

There are no good cops!!! 17.Aug.2002 23:16

Lahar KNOWYOURENEMY187@hotmail.com

Look why can't you people get it yet? The cops are rottin' to the core. period. End of story. No watchdog, no reform, no idea anyone can come up with will change the fundimental role of the pigs-> that is to mantain the power of the ruling class. So fuck off with anything less than total abolition of the police. And for that matter any thing less than full out revolution serves only the rulers.

C.A.S. Network
(Cops Ain't Shit)

Know the enemy indeed! 18.Aug.2002 08:43


Do you know the enemy?

Hint, it's not the cops.

True, the cops are one of the armed forces the enemy uses to protect itself. That means they are nowhere near our friends.

Becoming clearer?

I'm just against shadow-boxing

And for the revolution

Police Accountability Campaign responds 19.Aug.2002 16:33

Police Accountability Campaign

In response to the allegations posted by "anon":

Anyone who has worked with us would know that we do not work with the police and, in fact, that they don't care for us.

We don't sit on any blue ribbon panels, task forces, or review boards, and we believe that the current civilian review board is not effective.

It's regrettable that someone has engaged in such destructive activity when there's so much work to be done.