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Friday Rally at PCS Calls for Protest at August 22 Bush Visit

The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, August 16th, at 5:00 p.m., will highlight the Peace and Justice community's current push for a large protest at George W. Bush's Portland fundraiser on August 22nd.
"The man currently occupying the White House is an un-elected, war-mongering, anti-environment, anti-labor, corrupt corporate cronyist," said Will Seaman of the PPRC. "Like the flyer on the Portland IndyMedia webpage says, there are dozens of reasons for protesting the Bush Administration, and now we have been given yet another opportunity to register our opposition to the policies of this corrupt regime."

Although the PPRC represents only a small part of the community of local groups and individuals planning to protest Bush's fundraising tour through Oregon, the group says they support the broad range of views that will be reflected in the planned protests. They cite the administration's current push for a war on Iraq as a top priority for their involvement in the protests, but emphasize that there are many other reasons for a strong, visible protest during the brief Bush visit.

"In an example of pro-business gun-thug politics, the Bush administration has threatened to call in the National Guard if the West coast Longshore and Warehouse Workers Union moves to strike in their current dispute with owners," said Mikel Clayhold of the PPRC. "These folks have been working without a contract since July 1st, and the Bush Administration wants us to believe that a strike action is a threat to national security". Clayhold suggests that the threats against the longshore workers follows a now-familiar pattern. "After 9-11, Bush said we had to drill for oil in protected regions of Alaska for the same reasons," said Clayhold. "This is just one more example of Bush cynically using the so-called 'war on terror' as an excuse to push forward his anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-Constitutional rights, pro-war agenda." Clayhold said that they expect large crowds for the protests next Thursday.

Hundreds of protesters turned out to greet Dick Cheney when he visited Portland to fundraise for Gordon Smith on June 23rd. Bush's last visit to Portland at the beginning of the year was also the occasion for large street protests.
Maybe someone could post the hotel 16.Aug.2002 09:08

phone number

So those of us on the outside could let them know how we feel about them hosting the Bush.