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Stop the Franken-Trees

Audio file of a presentation, given by Mark Des Marets of Northwest Restistance Against Genetic Engneering, concerning the dangers inherent in genetically engineered trees. File is about 45 minutes in length.
According to Mark Des Marets, Genetic Engineering is a 'solution in search of a problem.' In this talk he details the latest efforts to create markets for trees similar to that already established for corn, rice, and numerous other food stuffs.
Besides genetically engineered trees, he goes into detail about more established Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's); the revolving door betweeen the FDA and industry; emphasizes that GMO's have made it into the food stream of the U.S. without the knowledge of the people, and without proper testing; and finishes with constructive ways to combat the establishment of a genetically engineered tree industry.
I should point out that the Pacific Northwest is a major center of research
and development for genetically engineered trees.
The web address takes you to a page where this, and other video files, can be found.

homepage: homepage: http://www.philosopherseed.org/audio.htm