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Activist's Sought to Inform Reed Students About Their Work

We are organizing a day for activists to come and present their work and causes to the students of Reed College. If you are interested, write me.
I am a student at Reed College. I am organizing a slice of time during the first week of classes whereby organizations and activists may come to Reed and present the students with information/recruit. I have been informed that everything is ok except petitions which the school has a policy against. Please contact me and RSVP a table (we will get one for you).

Our first week of classes is Sept 3-6. I would like it to be around lunchtime (10am-2 or so) on the first day of school, Tuesday the 3rd. If not the 3rd, then the 5th. Please inform me if you will be able to make it, or if another date would be better.

If you know of any other organizations or groups who should be here, please contact us both and inform us. Pending on the responce, we could make this a big event!

Thanks, Todd
Sept 3rd 15.Aug.2002 16:49


The date will be [firmly] September 3rd unless someone has a very good reason why it should be on another date.

petitions ARE dangerous :) 15.Aug.2002 23:14

sign my petition

Are the students allowed to sign my manifesto?

Yeah, we're allowed... 16.Aug.2002 09:50

another reedie

Of course we're allowed, I'm actually curious, why wouldn't we be allowed? Question is, though, concerning getting it signed, if it's a good manifesto. if it's good, sure we'll sign it. If it's in support of the NRA, you may have a tough sell though....