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What's up with the Eugene IMC page?

So what ever happened to the Eugene IMC page. For a while, all we heard about was this conflcit between Eugene IMC and some subversion of process etc. There hasnt been a post on it since June 19! Is it up?IS there a Eugene IMC?
I guess the BULLSHIT-OMETER on the computer caused it to stop with all the crappy articles from
green anarchy and the other absurd crap that is in the "insurectionary" news section. Boy, zines
sure are insurectionary. Or perhaps its that the people who started the imc there are not committed to
seeing it through and making sure the page works. like all eugene 'projects' this one fails too....

oh please! 15.Aug.2002 16:03

marshall forloveoflife76@hotmail.com

"like all Eugene projects this one fails too" ????

What is that all about?? Little could be further from the truth. Ever watched Cascadia Alive! Eugene's weekly anarchist-influenced cable access TV news show? It's been rockin' for more than 4 years and rebroadcasts in Portland.

Ever been to Eugene? Ever go to Subversive Pillow Theatre? 3 plus years of weekly video showings well attended.

See also the Cascadia Media Collective at  http://www.cascadiamedia.org and food not lawns at  http://www.foodnotlawns.com (though not regularly updated online, the organization holds multiple events in Eugene every week around self sufficiency, etc.)

Those are just a few of many projects that continue to be wonderfully succesful in Eugene. Such bad blood is just going to make both Portland and us down here miss out on some awesome opportunities.

Re EIMC and the "insurrectionary media center" I'll reserve public comment and continue to relate to it according to my anarchist beliefs. I'll call it a big fat failure though, no doubt. I hope that the people involved in that and a few other projects take it's failure as an opportunity to realize that dogmatism and self-rigtheousness doesn't bring more people to fight by your side. I'll bet about anything that lesson (or many others) won't be learned, though.

Whatever, thankfully there are many many many anarchists in Eugene, most not nearly as noxious as others. So lay off your weak slags on Eugene allready and let's get moving together.

IMCs go up and down 15.Aug.2002 18:35

indymedia activist

IMCs go up and down sometimes. India was up, then dormant for awhile, and is now active again. LA did the same thing. France and Prague are currently down while groups there reorganize. Austin, Vermont and Hawaii are basically dormant now.

Marshall's right that there's a lot going on in Eugene, and that many projects have been successful down there. He mentioned some anarchist projects that are going strong. There are other non-anarchist activities, too, like Faith In Action, a coalition of faith-based organizations, that has been single-handedly holding up the peace movement there. Student activism at the University also gets stuff done. The Grower's Market, a completely volunteer-run food co-op, has been operating for 30 years. And don't forget about Eugene Peace Works. Those are just a few examples.

The mistake the Eugene organizers made was in not involving these other groups in the IMC project there. No active IMC that I know of is run by one clique of like-minded individuals. The successful ones cast a wide net and include people of many philosophies, and make it clear that anyone working for positive change in the world (and who agrees with the basic IMC principles) is welcome. The successful ones also leave plenty of room for change and evolution as new people come aboard with new ideas.

I'm pretty sure the Eugene IMC organizers have realized this, and there's no reason to flail them for it now. The failure of their IMC project (which failed because it was *their* IMC project) is an obvious enough lesson.

Now what remains to be seen is whether another set of organizers (which should certainly include members of the original crew in order to include their perspectives) will want to resurrect it. A new group would probably have to "re-apply" with the New IMC group to get it going again. For more info about how new IMCs are formed/"approved", visit:

more about new IMCs 15.Aug.2002 18:36

indymedia activist

This is actually a better link for info about the New IMC process:


Maybe a comeback? 15.Aug.2002 21:55


Maybe EugIMC will be making a comeback soon.It was a pretty good idea,although I think it should have a regular newswire section in the center,and have a more varied input.

clarification 16.Aug.2002 08:01

pure evil

perhaps the critique mentioned in the first post referred to what Marshall called
"a few other projects". i.e. the righteous, judgemental, more radical than thou, vicious and attacking
green 'anarchy' collective and their super narrow poiltics and non-existent understanding
of race, class, tact, etc.

people in eugene doing good projects like the ones mentioned and others (radio webcast, free radio, fnb,
forest tree sitters, growers market shouldnt be slagged for the bullshit of the ga clones.

its been dead for ages 16.Aug.2002 14:12

anti primitivist

Eugene IMC has been dead for ages - and I'm not just talking about since it stopped accepting messages.

Never trust a Primitivist