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anyone have pictures or video of monday's ride to the Longshoremen rally?

The Police Accountability Campaign is looking for video, pictures, soundbytes, and witnesses in regards to police misconduct during Monday's critical mass ride to the Longshoremens' rally.
We're trying to throw together documentation regarding police conduct during the critical mass ride on Monday on the way to the Longshoremens' rally. If anyone has pictures, video, soundbytes, information about police involved, or was a witness to any police misconduct, please email or call Adrian at the Police Accountability Campaign. The email and phone are listed above. This information will be used to advise those cited and/or arrested about their legal options.

phone: phone: 503-287-2255

i don't think anyone had a video 15.Aug.2002 13:24

jds fellowtraveler@riseup.net

I could be mistaken, but I don't think there was a video camera there. There were three still cameras that I know of, one of which belonged to the Mercury freelancer, and one of which I was using. The camera I use has a primitive video mode but I didn't use it that day. Everything happened so fast and I wasn't close when it started. I got a couple-three still shots that might be helpful, of one of the young women being dragged along forcibly by the police, but better photos of the same thing have been posted to indymedia already, by the holder of the third camera:


Feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with the third photographer.