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Croatia: organised eco-accidents

Many eco-accidents, organised environmental criminal, coruption...
Croatia - sanitizing coridore

<Osijekgreens-free movement> is NGO, (founded at 1997.) which activism is based on political and social ecology . Before 3 months we established "Eco-commune", in a village near the city of Osijek (region Slavonija, Croatia).The goal of the "Eco-commune" is to establish green center in rural region in Croatia, for public participation and growing up of global conciousness about problems of environmental, human and social points of living. Our area is very close to Nature park <Kopacki rit> - one of 8 protected wetlands in Europe, which is protected by state and many international conventions. Tree years ago, local govermant got financial support from Worl Bank. After that this aera is paradise for domestic and international ilegal hunters, almost politicans, army generals, etc.We started no-end fight against them, and resaults are our problems with police, court and trial and lost nerves. But, this problem is only little piece of global environmetal destruction in Croatia.

Every summer fire smashed thousands woods, and nobody plants new. After the war times in 1991-1995. all armies (Croatian, Serbian, UN Military,USA <<Peace<< Forces ) left weapons, toxic, unknown waste, mines and bombs arround all country (inside forests, coalmines, in fields...).When NATO bombed Serbia, aeroplanes have been dropping extra-bombs in Adriatic sea, while returning to the NATO-base in Aviano.During last five years many greenactivist tried to put these problems in front of government, we done many actions on dangerous places, informing people about radioactive and dangerous waste-but all resaults were silence from state and media blockade.The time by the time environmetal ngo's separated in two sides:one which were <light and patiente< and accepted state's programme of <maintain development<, and other side whit ngo's who attentioned on environmetal destruction, up-coming multinational corporations like Enron and Bechtel, Beneton, Exxon, WTO, smashed nature resourses.....Those first group became govermental ecological societies, founding by state's money and foreign foundations very closed to global state's politic.Another group continued like small poor ngo's,trying to include in green- antiglobalists movement.

Last months, eco-catastrophes started to appear in periods: weapons-magazines <fly away<, tracks for oil-transport had road accidents with puoring out oil to rivers, tankers accidents with pouring out chemical waste into see,etc.
The worst eco-accident hapenned last week when burned off magazine with dangerous chemical waste which was prepared for cremate. This cremate factory for chemical and dangerous waste exsist more than 10 years located near the center of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Two days inhabitans of nearest quart had forbiden for went out from houses. The government said nothing, but the ministry of environment tried to find reasons for accident.The resaults are polluted area, water, nearest gardens and procesution for director of cremate factory. It is just begining of story, because Croatia is country full of eco-bombs:many ilegal import of toxic waste and radioactive waste from Europe, Asia and USA deponed here (very well payed to the government), many open-field magazines with chemical raw materials for chemical industry (amoniak, sumphor, phosphor, zink, pesticides etc.), uncontroled tankers ready for burn off..Yesterday, another eco-accident happend:one factory near Zagreb had spoil in produce-proccess and gas >etylen< fly out to area. Only what we can do is to listen media news:>last night happend that and that...it was eco-accident and nobody is qilty...the government start with inquiry...<Thousands and thousand colecters, full of waste ,are eco-bombs because of settle gas <methan<. Last summer one of biggest colecters in city Pula (Adriatic coast) detonated in the middle of the day, some people was hurt, and after some reports in newspapers- came the silence with no-answers from the government.
Not only environmntal destroying happend here. Because of unknown reasons people died in the hospitals: last year <someone< put into dialysis machine chemical poisont so 30 people died in hospitals in 4 towns, immidiately. After Croatia signed bad contracts with WB and after decided to go on into NATO, we are sure that such beautiful country as Croatia is become big world's depony for all chemical , nuclear and toxic waste. Because "they pay deponing wery well !!!", said politicans...
We tried many times to stoped such accidents, bad contracts, we organized campaignes, we called for help international activists, government denied all.
Perhaps, this text is our urgent apel for international help.
We are open for cooperation.

OsijekGreens - Free Movement