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People needed to post anti-Bush flyers!!!

Here are the streets that have been saturated with posters. We need posters up on other streets.
The following areas are pretty saturated with posters and stickers announcing the Bush visit:
Portland State University
My friend Jen made some great stickers--simply print up mailing labels with :
"Stop Bush!
Aug. 22nd at the Hilton in the evening
Info @ portland.indymedia.org"
Then put stickers on bike racks, urinals, public telephone pay slots, those new automated parking meters pay slots, ATM's, etc etc"

Woodstock street
Lewis and Clark college
NE--Alberta, Albina
NE--Hollywood district
NW Trendy-first and Spendy-third
Any and all bike routes
Downtown PDX, especially homeless and youth shelters

Anywhere else?? Pick a place and tell us. We especially need largly African-American neighborhoods. (Remember 85% of African-Americans vote Democrat)

Remember coffee shops, head shops, and bookstores are good. Print up mini-flyers and stuff them into the Mercury and Willy Week. If you see a car with hippie stickers, put a flyer under their wipers.

It doesn't hurt to duplicate an area, but we're most effective spreading out. Most people don't vary their daily routine by very much.

Please post the location where you flyer so we are most effective!

use iconic images 15.Aug.2002 10:11

IMC reader

plaster iconic posters on construction site barriers around town.

people might not stop to read flyers, but iconic images will work on the collective subconscious and provide a beacon of hope for those still trapped in the matrix
use iconic images
use iconic images

Will post to Woodstock 15.Aug.2002 10:17


I will post flyers on Woodstock if you tell me where to get a copy of the flyer. I am going to the copy shop today to make copies for the Sam Buck solidarity protest at starbucks tomorrow morning. I will make Bush protest flyers also. Anyone have a good source for cheap copies?

Where to get images? 15.Aug.2002 10:42

by the low road

Anyone know any good websites that have good/bad images of Bush free for the downloading? Or do you have any on your computer that you could pass along? The Hitler image is excellent!!!

Posters and Flyers 15.Aug.2002 11:47


Six different flyers / posters are available at


Canvasing Locations and an Idea or two.. 15.Aug.2002 12:27

Dr.Calvin dr_calvin@hotmail.com

How about Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, west of West Hills area? I live in this area so I'll post what I can. PCC Rock Creek, Max stations, grocery stores (theres some wacky grandmas out there), any where else??

Also I have an idea on how to get more people to the event. Make a long (wide) poster about it and get two people to hold the sides and cross cross-walks at a busy intersection. You'll have to do it clock-wise so people can actually read it. MLK, near Pioneer Courthouse, by Saturday Market (is anyone handing out flyers at Saturday Market?), etc. would be great places for this.

I'll flyer NW area 15.Aug.2002 12:59


I'll be glad to flyer the NW area. Only problem is that I haven'y been able to download any of the available flyers/posters.

Are they the same flyers that were circulated at the tuesday planning meeting? If so I have copies of those and I can print more. I just wanted to make sure that there isn't more current info that should be included on them before I run off lots of copies.

Can someone let me know (via indy-media) and I'll get on this pronto.



Keep Postering 15.Aug.2002 13:16

Poster Child

Good idea to organize the postering and to hit the broadest range of targets. On Hawthorne, etc., though, posters get covered up in a matter of hours so it's probably a good idea to hit 'em again next week. Also, I'm handing out 1/4 sheet flyers to folks on the street. Some people don't notice phone poles or bike racks, and having a reminder to tack on your fridge for a week can be helpful.

Another Way to Do This--Poster Defense 15.Aug.2002 13:44

One without staple gun

One way to help publicize any event like this is by doing "Poster Defense". It's easy, you can do it any time, and you don't need a staple gun, tape, or even flyers...

Just rip down the ones that get put up over the Bush event flyers. I have no qualms about doing this...most of those posters are put up by folks who are paid to put up flyers for shows (frequently corporate-sponsored) at venues like the roseland or whatever. These are business ventures, not volunteer-powered community events. They pay big $ to advertise in the papers and put up zillions of their stupid posters.

And if they want to cover up your flyer, you should be able to cover up (or in this case, rip down) their flyer.

another poster 15.Aug.2002 14:01

jenny j

here's another poster for the event.
another poster
another poster

make your own flyer 15.Aug.2002 14:03


the flyers handed out on tuesday are more recent than the flyer on the site--because on tuesday we knew the date (aug 22nd).

just make your own flyer:

Aug 22nd, Downtown Portland Hilton, in the evening
Info @ portland.indymedia.org

and put a picture on it.

Guerilla artists 15.Aug.2002 16:10

IMC reader

I posted the Hitler image earlier which I found at Bartcop.com. I don't know who the artist is but he/she has done a lot of really excellent work along this line. This kind of art is the main reason I visit Bartcop on a regular basis.

Someone might want to enquire at Bartcop about contacting the artist and asking for the original higher-resolution artwork. This guerilla artist might be hesitant about revealing his/her name, in which case Bartcop might act as a go-between. I'm sure Bart would try to be helpful, he's a good guy.

Another artist who does amazing political propaganda style art is Micah Wright www.micahwright.com definately worth checking out if you can find it -- his web page at apple.com is currently experiencing problems. Ask him before you make copies, he wants to publish his work.

I got 19.Aug.2002 21:10

flier crazy

Got MLK Burnside to Alberta.
Got Alberta, MLK to 30th.

There are people going around and taking our posters down. We need to keep postering everywhere, even if it was already postered. Keep up the good work everyone!!

Where I posted 20.Aug.2002 11:38


I flyered some of gladstone (33rd to 23rd), Reed College Student Union, Sellwood, Woodstock.