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Protest to Save Sacramento's Oldest Communtiy Garden

Information regarding a protest to stop the destruction of Sacramento's oldest community garden at the offices of two Portland developers.
Protest to Save Sacramento's Oldest Community Garden!!!

What: A protest to stop the destruction of the Ron Mandella Community Garden will take place at the offices of developers H. Williams Advisors and Rembold Companies

When: August 15th
2pm at the offices of H. Williams Advisors
3:30pm at the offices of Rembold Companies

Where: H. Williams Advisors is at 1325 NW Flanders and Rembold Companies is at 1022 SW Salmon St. Suite 450

Why: H. Williams and Remold are currently leading a development team planning to destroy the oldest community garden in Sacramento California. The Ron Mandella Community Garden is a community treasure that has existed for over thirty years on state land. The Mandella Garden is the only organic community garden in Sacramento and the 2nd highest producer of oxygen downtown. The Mandella Garden is a thriving ecosystem and community that should not be sacrificed for highly priced and highly subsidized condos.

For more information visit www.savethegarden.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.savethegarden.org