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Reed College Students Unite, Organize, and Resist

Information on the still-in-formation student organization at Reed College to revolutionize working at Reed.
I admit this is a bit of self-promotion *blush* The student workers at Reed College are beginning to organize for worker's rights and consciousness [its about time!]. An organization is in the middle of the planning process to push hard for better working conditions on campus.

The labor organization will stress direct action and direct democracy. The small group of members have currently floated ideas such as: a living wage campaign, tuition remission, an end to sweatshop products, solidarity with the janitor's union local 49, better health services and accomidations, improved student-student and student-staff class relations and consciousness, paying some of the hard working unpaid "student volunteers", solidarity action with the international labor struggle, and many more.

As I said this is still in the formation process. A prototype website is located at  http://booeyschewy.tripod.com/Labor.html
There is a mailing list but it may be only for students. I am the admin and I personally don't care though.

If there are other student labor organizations [PSU, Lewis and Clark, etc] looking to link up and discuss experiences, write me via the site above.

It is pretty exciting to watch such a movement grow on a campus traditionally defined by its upper-crusty values and mentality.
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Sorry about the difficulties. I will repost the website tomorrow on the school's comps. tripod sucks anyway

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Upper crusty? 16.Aug.2002 09:55

blue collar

upper crusty? you haven't met any of the dotu folks lately, have you?

:) 16.Aug.2002 10:30


There are definately some good ones here, but Reed is changing. Traditionally it was a far-left school, now that has changed. There is occasionally open hostility along class lines, and there is definately negligence on the campus. Still I think the time is ripe for change and the school will see a return en masse of hard core activism, or at least I will be working in that direction. Many people don't know this but the school invests in Citibank,Shell Oil, Phillip Morris, Enron, etc. We are going to inform the parents of this Orientation week.