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emotional/emotive rant about the condition of the world (the society of humanus) as i see it
1st, i'd like to apologize to those who might be looking for only "concise", "formalized (e.g. edited)" articles that would seek to make you feel comfortable. my primary goal is to express myself, my inermost self, and to also speak upon my experience w/ the hope that someone else will/can understand what i am saying and possibly translate my own messag(ing) better/more efficiently than even i can.

here goes.

i met my friend/love "St. Chris" today and i gave her all of the $ that i had in my pocket. all of the money that i had in my pocket was earned by the work that i did today w/ my very own hands. i gave/give her money not to earn her trust/friendship, whatever; i give her most (if not all) of my money because it is only money and she is worth every bit and infinitely more than the meager wages that i have earned and have chose to bestow upon her.

my friend is a "prostitute"--but, who among us isn't?--and she suffers from certain 'mental illness'. so why is she my friend and why do i give her my "hard-earned money" and, subsequently, my affection and attention?--because i am learning the lesson(s) of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE/ADMIRATION/BLAH BLAH. i am trying to be the best friend/person that i can be.

so i give her all of my money and because of her mental condition, i end up suffering a lot of verbal abuse; not that i'm not used to it, but i won't go into the story of my life ;)

i saw today--some 'punks' jump into a PSU (portland state Univ) fountain and cool/cleanse themselves and they looked like they were *happy*.

i watched gracious elder couples stroll through the city, enjoying the companionship that the other provided.

i watched the crack-addicts cop for another day on the lower West Burside strip..as i looked for my friend who numbers among them.

my heart is breaking, but it can not be broken. this is the essence of my posting of "The Golden Meaning."

i don't have time to finish my thought for today, but w/ this column i will try to help develop an "understanding" of this city/society (as based on my perspective) as best i can.

i apologize for the form of this post. here are some more good post to look at.


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take care--it's free

kenny s

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