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Disrupt Bush

Here is one person's wish list for the Bush protest:
Here is one person's wish list for the Bush protest:

1)a legitimate disruption of Bush's visit at the Hilton-this is not an endorsement for reckless destruction...anything from blocking sidewalks, to leaving any "protest pen" and blocking another area...ANY way we can disrupt the day is a success

2)a strong, diverse, spirited group of people...with the weather as nice as it is, we should get more than we had in January..and that was a big group

3) no repressive violence from the troopers...no violence from them of any kind...though I guess if we aim to disrupt, they aim..well.. they aim at us

4)make Bush NEVER forget that the people of Portland do not support his imperialist, classist agenda!
Oh Yeah 15.Aug.2002 11:56


This is going to be good!

Protests 15.Aug.2002 17:53

unlikely patriot

Just so long as our issues are clearly presented for ALL to see. I'd hate to see a bunch of idiot kids making matters worse by throwing crap and setting things on fire.

If the message isn't sent correctly...NO ONE WILL LISTEN....violence will leave us to be viewed as a lunatic fringe.

Setting things on fire 15.Aug.2002 19:41


Can be an effective tool when done in a careful and purposeful way - bring a small extinguisher, have a particular and meaningful prop to burn, and calll the cameras over.

This might distract anyone from throwing rocks.