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Mass Marketing Death | At the Clackamas Town Center

An intrepid shopper reports an exciting new product promoted at Clackamas Town Center: Death!
Nestled this past weekend next to the Montgomery Ward was a National Guard exhibit, inviting consumers to buy into the national dream of righteousness through force. There were uniforms. There were machines of intimidation. Every purchase was rewarded with free gifts of blissful ignorance and false security!

Short term goals for this tour of malls ... next stop Hawaii! ... is to acquaint consumers with the brand and increase market share. The long term goal is to make the brand appear so ubiquitous, so universal, that even those who really don't want to buy the product ... get used to it being there. The marketers of product Death hope to quietly engage in predatory competition, making death so cheap and pervasive, other products which may be better and cheaper simply can't compete with the media blitz, thus lose shelf space and begin to fade from consumer minds. Eventually, few will remember there are alternatives to product Death. Then, even when the true price is revealed, even when people realize it's not really good at getting out all those tough stains and it smells kind of bad, they will quite literally see no other option.

Our shopper was looking for strappy shoes and was extremely displeased with this product and its high visibility placement. She told the death vendor that there are any number of products that should be on display in a mall. A few of her suggestions: the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the human rights treaties that have been of-late "unsigned," pictures of those unfortunates on the business end of the death product. However, the marketers weren't interested in her suggestions since they could only hurt their marketshare.

The mall manager, Mr. Paul DeMarco, was not only disinterested but hostile. Apparently, shoppers should not object to this product. This product is his most important product. He really likes selling it. The National Guard product is especially versatile, he says, because it comes with attachments that do things like put out fires. That's the attachment he brings out when someone doesn't like the primary purpose of the machine.

Mr. DeMarco seems to have a misplaced sense of devotion to an organization that sent him to an illegal war in Viet Nam. Maybe he thinks people don't like him if they don't like his product. Maybe he hasn't really heard those like him, ex-Viet Nam Vets, speaking out against this product. They realize that they are distinct creatures, apart from the product they were forced to use. We should help him realize this too.

If you're interested in promoting Consumer Choice, call and ask for equal time for anti-death products. 503-653-6913; ask for Paul DeMarco, Clackamas Town Center Mall Manager.

homepage: homepage: http://www.clackamastowncenter.com/info/service.cfm?MallID=83
phone: phone: 503-653-6913
address: address: I-205 and Sunnyside Road, Portland, Oregon 97266

clackamas death center 12.Aug.2002 15:32

anti-mall & anti-death artiste

clackamas death center
clackamas death center

let your voice be heard call today 12.Aug.2002 19:46


hey i called this guy and for sure he is a red white and blue flag waving suv driving jerk.hope more people will call and make him work for his blood money.he will be more than happy to tell you how he defended our country in the viet nam war.he is very arrogant and defensive.reminds me of some of the people who are connected to hls.this guy needs about 50 calls a day for the next week maybe then he will rethink his priorities.