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RECLAIM THE MEDIA! Sept 10-15 in Seattle

Nab the NAB!
Reclaim the Media: a Community Media Convergence
Seattle, September 10-15

Come to Seattle this September for Reclaim the Media: a week of vibrant
resistance to corporate domination of our shared media resources,
community education on a variety of important media policy topics, and long-view
organizing for a sustainable national media democracy movement!
The occasion is the annual radio conference of the National Association
of Broadcasters--one of Washington's most powerful lobbies, and the
corporate face of much that's wrong with our money-dominated media systems. Like
the World Social Forum, shadowing the World Economic Forum from across the
globe, our conference will counter the corporatism of the NAB with a
community vision of diverse, locally accountable, vibrant and
noncommercial media.

Reclaim The Media events will attract key media strategists from around
country, as well as independent media producers and media activists
California to British Columbia. The conference will be an important
stepping stone for several media policy campaigns, as well as the
continuing development of fresh and alternative media models which more
adequately serve and represent the public's true interests. We will be
linking together several specific, key issues under the general rubric
media and democracy. These include: Consolidation of media ownership
the threat to the cross-ownership ban; Cable monopolies and Open
Clear Channel and radio industry oligopoly; the US media's responses to
"War on Terror." Please see our website, www.reclaimthemedia.org for
more on the conference, its context and our shared mission.

Check a current schedule at www.reclaimthemedia/schedule - it's still
changing and getting filled in. Conference events run from Sept 10-15
main action will take place on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th).
are some highlights:

Tuesday, Sept. 10:

Surrealist Subversions: An evening with Ron Sakolsky

Wednesday, Sept. 11:

Interfaith Gathering for Peace, Reflection and Insight: Disarming the
Weapons of Mass Distraction

Thursday, Sept. 12:

Conference Reception and Music Industry Discussion

Media Heroes and Villains Cabaret and strategy conversations

Friday, Sept 13:

Angels of the Public Interest Descend!

Counter-NAB Rally and speakers
Freeway Park: outdoor music, speakers, tabling, street theater; on the
doorstep of the NAB conference

Media and Democracy Teach-In and DIY Media Festival
Through in-depth panel discussions, local and national media critics
activists will draw connections between diverse media issues facing our
communities. Meanwhile, large and small hands-on workshops will offer
training in diverse DIY activities--zine production, music
wireless Internet, microradio, webcast production, interviewing, you
it. Panel topics [all tentative]:
Media goes to War; Media and Communities of Color; Media Ownership;
Channel; The Public Interest, Media and Sustainable Democracy;
FM: the Road Ahead; Media Literacy Education; Open Access: Cable and

Keynote Address: Amy Goodman

Punk Show

Friday and Saturday, Sept 13-14:

Counter-NAB Rally and speakers
Freeway Park: outdoor music, speakers, tabling, street theater; on the
doorstep of the NAB conference.

Saturday, Sept 14:

SCANzavanza: Media that Matters
A celebration of Seattle's vibrant public access cable TV community,
featuringAmy Goodman

[more events certain to be added--check online schedule for details]

Committed speakers include keynote speaker Amy Goodman (Democracy
David Barsamian (Alternative Radio), Ron Sakolsky (co-author, Seize the
Airwaves), Pete Tridish (Prometheus Radio Project), Mark Hosler
as well as friends from a growing list of allied organizations:
FAIR, the Center for Democratic Communications (NLG) , Media Alliance,
Center for Digital Democracy, Adbusters, SCAN, Clamor Magazine, Yes!
Magazine, WIMN, and community journalists, broadcasters and media
educators from around the US and Canada!

Please help promote our event through your network, newsletter or
PSA scripts can be downloaded from www.reclaimthemedia.org (scroll to
bottom), as well as a series of Media and Democracy Radio
audio essays on the importance of independent, accountable media voiced
progressive voices including Winona LaDuke, Starhawk, Howard Zinn, Jim
Hightower, Anuradha Mittal and Michael Albert.

We are organizing all this on a VERY limited budget (read: no budget),
are very much in need of funds to secure venues, offer travel stipends,
produce printed materials, etc. If you or funders you know can help
with a
tax-deductible contribution, please contact us or see
www.reclaimthemedia.org/support .
For More Information
visit our website at:  http://www.reclaimthemedia.org
join our planning list:  http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/cascadia

Susan Gleason,  susan@reclaimthemedia.org
Jonathan Lawson,  jonathan@indymedia.org
Seattle IMC
Cascadia Media Alliance

homepage: homepage: http://www.reclaimthemedia.org

Armchair convention? 12.Aug.2002 13:10


Isn't Michael Albert among those whose 'imaginations strain' at the idea of an American President allowing thousands of US citizens die in a Reichstag fire? Oooo, how progressive. I'll send my money order today!