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bush visit--what you can do, right now

here's a couple of ideas to get started on...
1. talk with everyone you know, even if you think they don't sympathize, about the visit and your reasons to protest. most importantly, secure their agreement to participate. this is a basic psychological strategy of prior committment; it helps enormously when those wavering between coming and not coming have to make their decision.
2. make up a phone tree or a list of names, phone numbers, and emails of people you know that may go. call all of them RIGHT NOW, TODAY (see #1), call all of them the day before (what we know right now is august 22nd at the hilton). if you can get just 5 names, and have each of those people get 5 names, and on and on, this protest will easily, easily reach the thousands.
3. make up a poster or download the one on the site and staple, post, hand out, or otherwise distribute to everyone. coffee shops, head shops, grocery stores, hippie streets, homeless shelters, street kids. direct them all to the indymedia site or some other sympathetic group of your choice for updates.

the fact is that most people willing to protest are not aware of indymedia, or pprc, or planning meetings, or whatever. live bodies are the most important thing, so get the word out.

oh, i almost forgot, of extra importance...

4. BIG, BOUNCY BALLS with peace signs all over them. one peace sign is easier to read and clearer to the public than 5,000 signs extolling the virtues of a socialist market. brign lots and lots, trunkfulls of big bouncy balls with peace signs. they make nice diversionary weapons. also, mirrors are great for reflecting the hot august sun into the eyes of the stormtroopers. but don't forget to draw peace signs on the back of the mirrors!!!

Love the mirrors! Here's more.... 12.Aug.2002 10:27

The Engineer

Go to the hardware or grocery store, buy lots and lots of aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around cardboard "shields" to use as "light weapons". When you run out of foil, use chrome tape and paint. (Foil is cheaper, anyway)

If anyone has the money or can borrow some, use LEAF-BLOWERS to repel the tear-gas!

You can buy paint-filter masks (they usually have TWO filter-cans on their sides, and only cover the mouth and nose) for between $20-$50. These will protect from most chemical agents. You'll need swimming goggles or any eyewear that's at least water-proof, if not air-tight.

Find a used sports store, invest in helmets and pads of all kinds, use your imagination! Make the helmets difficult to remove by others.

Wrist-guards and large gauntlet-gloves are perfect for arrest-proofing yourself. If you are VERY serious about this, cover the wrist portion with WOOD JOINERS (you'll find them in the nail section) turned outward and glued or duct-taped on (strech the tape right through the spikes, and pull down around the wrist section).