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Call For A Revolutionary Anti-Fascist Bloc, August 24th, Washington, DC

The local anarchist counter-terrorism task force invites you to come out and take a stand against the terrorist National Alliance.
From:  nefacantifa@secret.org



August 24th, the National Alliance, the largest and most active neo-nazi
group in North America, will be marching in Washington, DC. Their march is
a direct threat to the safety and well being of people of color, disabled
people, queer people, trade unionists, and activists and radicals of all
progressive movements. It's time for anarchists, and other
anti-authoritarian, anti-state, anti-capitalist revolutionaries to
confront them.


Fascism is a failed movement that recruits from among the petty bourgeois,
who fear the loss of their petty privileges in times of economic
uncertainty; among the class traitors of cops and prison guards, and among
the desperate unemployed who believe their only salvation will come
through violent scapegoating of other members of the working class.
Fascism forges a cross-class alliance in order to launch a distorted
attack upon the existing capitalist state, not to abolish it, but to seize
it. It violently reorganizes society to serve new parasitic state classes
of warriors and administrators. It stops not at simply taking control of
the state, but attempts to integrate the entirety of culture and capital
into a military hierarchy with a racist caste system.

Fascism taps into the anger against the rich and distorts it. It glorifies
the iron fist of the military and scorns the velvet glove of corporate
executives and politicians. The anger is turned against immigrants and
women. It feeds on envy of the rich. For the fascists, power should not
based on stock holdings and votes, it should be based on blood and fire.

Fascism's patriarchy redefines women not as the property of individual
men, but a resource of the state on the margins of a male society. It
spurns the ruling class as soft, and raises patriarchal violence and
machismo as ideal.

Its economy is driven by imperialism: war, looting and enslavement. It
removes its members from the menial drudgery of every day work or the
poverty of unemployment, super-elevating them into a new ruling class of
repression, while forcing the labor of women, colonial prisoners and
slaves. It is a form of extreme capitalism, which only comes into the
mainstream in the context of a crisis of capitalism, and the loss of
legitimacy of the ruling elite.

The totalitarian vision of fascists often resonates with the many statists
who wish to unbind their hands from the pretense of "democratic"
government and civil liberties. Like the right-wing death squads of Latin
America and the night riders of the Klu Klux Klan, militias are a great
temptation to those states that have to deal with the crisis of
capitalism. Likewise, the local bourgeoisie is often willing to foot the
bill, when they find the global new world order unresponsive to their
petty problems.

This is why the capitalists turn towards fascists in emergencies, but then
must fight to maintain their own control. Fascism is a creation of the
irreconcilable contradictions of capitalism, and can not be simply reduced
to a lackey of the established order.

The fascism of white racists, is a threat to any "non-white" people, the
movement of the working classes, and genuine socialrevolution. It is a
threat of false dreams, of real bullets and factories of genocide for
those who it deems "inferior" or a threat to "the nation" or the "white


The National Alliance has been the largest neo-nazi organization in North
America for years. Founded by William Pierce in 1974, it has built an
organization of over a thousand members with a dedicated cadre. Pierce's
novel "The Turner Diaries" have served as a blueprint for many white
supremacist mass murders, from those of "The Order" to Timothy McVeigh's
Oklahoma City bombing. Recruitment from the militia movement and military
bases like Fort Bragg has attracted a number of soldiers with fighting
expertise to their ranks.

Acquisition of Resistance Records and Nordland Records, two well know
white supremacist record labels, have not only earned the National
Alliance a multi-million dollar annual income from music sales, but, more
importantly, a greatly expanded involvement in the fascist youth

Meeting little opposition, the National Alliance is now presenting a more
public face. With increasingly sophisticated political arguments, the
National Alliance has sought to co-opt the struggle of Palestinians
against the Israeli state to further its own anti-Jewish agenda. Further,
with the creation of a front group, the "Anti-Globalism Action Network",
it has sought to participate in the movement against neo-liberalism on an
anti-immigrant platform, including a critique of mass media (by blaming a
Jewish conspiracy).

They have clearly stated that they are now moving "beyond left and right",
but still wholly towards fascism.

The National Alliance has taken front place in the ranks of racist
organizations by organizing a string of successful demonstrations where
they can field hundreds of fascists on the street. Their alliance with
the Hammerskins through the medium of Resistance Records has given them
virtual hegemony over the neo-nazi milieu in North America. Unlike the
variety of religious cults, Hitler worshippers, confederate nostalgists,
and Klan remnants, the National Alliance has more in common with the
resurgent fascists of Europe, while still maintaining an insurrectionary

For all these reasons, they are more dangerous than the rest of the North
American neo-nazi milieu combined.


The National Alliance claims to be supporting the Palestinians in their
struggle against Israeli military occupation and colonialism. In this way,
they are different from most of the Christian far-right, which is
overwhelmingly pro-Israel in it's orientation. In the context of the
brutal actions of the Israeli state, the NA is seeking to capitalize on
the criminal actions of the Zionist state to build their organization by
whipping up anti-Semitism against Jews here in North America.

Make no mistake, the NA and all such white racists despise and hate Arabs
and Muslims along with Jewish people. They are using the increasingly
widespread revulsion of the Israeli occupation to opportunistically build
a racist organization that they will then use against other "non-white"
groups when they feel strong enough.

As Anarchists we fight against Zionism and for Palestinian self
determination as well as against anti-Semitism and fascist groups such as
the National Alliance. Ironically, the Zionist ideology which created the
Israeli state developed in the first half of the last century in
congruence with Hitler's racist nazi ideology, as both found common
grounds in a "solution" to the "Jewish problem" through the mass
emigration of Jews out of Europe. The same congruence exists now, as by
blaming "inherently evil" Jewish people as a whole for the actions of this
state, the NA is further strengthening the hold of Zionist ideology over
Jewish people in North America and thus the Israeli occupation itself.

As anarchists, we fight against anti-Semitism and all manifestations of
racism, as well as supporting the Palestinian struggle for self
determination. The Israeli occupation is a reprehensible colonial policy,
which while not only being morally wrong and oppressing the Palestinian
people, will only lead to disaster for the Jewish people as a whole, both
inside and out of the Israeli state.


Fascist organizations, like the National Alliance, do not persuade people
with savvy arguments of racial superiority. They persuade them with
demonstrations of strength. Fascist ideology has long gone hand in hand
with the might of the fist, the club, and the gun. The National Alliance
uses large demonstrations such as the one they are planning on August
24th, to give their followers a feeling of power and control, a sense of
military-like strength, and to legitimize themselves as a serious
organization. Acts of violence against their declared enemies (people of
color, immigrants, people with disabilities, Jews, queer people,
anarchists, etc) often follow these demonstrations. Recent examples of
fascist violence include a plot by Boston neo-nazis to bomb bridges and
monuments named after Black and Jewish citizens, the manufacturing of pipe
bombs by a bonehead in Baltimore, and many physical attacks on anarchists,
leftists, people of color, punk-rockers and anti-fascist skinheads. For
these reasons, fascists must not be allowed to use demonstrations as a
tool for recruitment and empowerment. As revolutionary anarchists, we
cannot allow this simplistic, yet effective organizing tool to remain
unchallenged. This is why confrontation is necessary.

However, purely reactive strategies only assist the fascists. There are
strategic questions that must be answered when we engage against the
National Alliance on August 24th. What does this confrontation mean and
how do we as anarchists take our message of anti-fascism out of an
activist ghetto and into the minds and hearts of the working class? Who
are we targeting when we engage in this confrontation? What tactics do we
utilize against the National Alliance?

First, we must understand that to defeat fascism means hard work within
our communities. As a federation NEFAC has prioritized participation
around the issues of housing, poverty, and the workplace. These are the
struggles that we are engaged in as class-struggle anarchists. It is our
strategy that participation and intervention in these struggles, from an
anarchist-communist viewpoint, will help radicalize them as well as many
people in our class that we fight alongside in our neighborhoods and
workplaces and that it will build a strong multi-racial movement capable
of defeating the fascists. Slowly building a base for a truly mass
revolutionary anarchist movement capable of defeating not only fascist
organizations but also the combined forces of capital and the state.

It is this type of day-to-day, class struggle organizing that forms our
base when we are forced to confront and defeat reactionary organizations,
like the National Alliance, who pose both a political and a physical
threat to anarchists and the working class movements we are a part of.

When we confront the National Alliance, we are also communicating with the
white working class. We are showing them that fascism is a path that is
far too dangerous to travel down and that there is a strong movement that
opposes racist ideology. We do this in several ways. We must engage with
members of our class in regards to what the National Alliance means to our
communities and work towards politicizing our neighbors, co-workers,
friends and family with the anarchist ideal. We must unceasingly work
against the white supremacy that underpins our society. We must tactically
engage in physical confrontations with the National Alliance and other
hate-mongers at every opportunity. Crucially, even though we currently a
mostly white organization, we must build principled links with
communities and organizations of people of color, and engage in common
struggle together against the fascists.

Thus, confrontation means principled support for all members of our class
disenfranchised by capitalism and the articulation of anarchist solutions
to the systemic imbalances we face. The class war is won or lost on the
ability of the disenfranchised to unite against our common enemies. We
must refuse to allow white supremacy to continue dividing the working
class and carry out a meaningful dialogue within our class as to why
racist and fascist beliefs are a dead end for the working class and why an
anarchist social revolution is a goal to fight for. Confrontation also
means being able to physically engagement with fascists in the streets.
When they feel strong and safe, they become emboldened. When they feel
emboldened, violence ensues. When they are physically driven from the
streets they lose their sense of power and become disenchanted with their

Without wide dissemination of anarchist beliefs, strategies and goals, we
leave the opportunity wide open for organizations like the National
Alliance to spread their message within the general populace. Another
vision for the world must be available and argued for.

What is the solution to fascism?

Anarchist social revolution!


North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)


For more information contact:  nefacantifa@secret.org
A few distortions in your statement, 12.Aug.2002 13:56


Your statement, although well written, contains some untruths.

National Alliance and Volksfront are extremely pro-trade unionist. Over 50% of VF membership is union, from Steamfitters to Teamsters. NA contains a lage amount of trade union members as well.

National Alliance and VF support Palestine because they have the right to exist as a free people in their own land, as do all races. All races have the right to self-government and freedom in a homeland which promotoes their culture and way of life.

You condemn militarism while promoting it at the same time, well which is it?

You call us reactionary while promoting your reactionary system sanctioned events, who is reacting here, it looks to me like it is you.

You call for unified class struggle while shitting on working class Whites, promoting your agenda of immigration and integration which feeds the capitalist anti-union cheap labor pool. Until you recognize the legitimate concerns of working class Whites you will never have a unified class struggle, as the vast majority of trade unionists whole heartedly oopose your thinly veiled communist/fascist agenda. Have you ever been on an a union contruction site and listened to the workers?

Do you seek to represent workers or simply want to control them? Because your ideology does not represent workers' concerns in the majority of your rhetoric.

Volksfront's stupidity 16.Aug.2002 23:23

Antifa Jenny volksfront wankers@hotmail.com

First who the hell asked anyone from volksfront to comment. Backwards assed, hill billy, wanna be pure, country fucks. You nazis make me want to vomit. I'd be pissed of to if I wasn't gettin any. Take your sexual frustrations out somewhere else. So what if your dicks are small? Master race, whatever?

Volksfront is lost 17.Aug.2002 15:01

Billy J. Roper II members@Natvan.com

Volksfront is not only stupid, but they can be petty and vindictive. They recently attacked the National Alliance for "stealing" the "Volksfront flag". National Alliance uses the Life Rune symbol in its flag and has been using this symbol for more than 15 years. This sort of stupidity is not welcome at the August 24th march.

Billy Roper
Deputy Membership Coordinator
The National Alliance