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BD Militancy

Bush Daddy Militancy: Beware the smiling militant!
My Daddy said that you have probably all been distracted by the professed authority of Bush Daddy Tribe to the point where you ignore their "closeted" militancy (171618). During the period that I wrote "The Letter That Shook the World" (82678), I was also addressing militant homosexuality, which is similar to the militancy of "Bush Daddy's Third Reich" (174299). I suppose that you believe that the in-your-face antics of those in the Gay Pride parades was a display of militant homosexuality; but that was just the "bait". The "closeted" gays who observed and filmed the revulsive reactions of spectators to the displays and antics in the parades were the ones who sprang the "trap", and the militants were those who used chemicals or other means to drive away or do away with the disgusted spectators (195909 see PS). I'm sure that you thought that the militant homosexuals were the ones behaving like mouthy morons in such parades, but you have to realize that it was all a "...Creative NonViolent.." (33468) ploy to conceal the militant purpose of such parades. Since most members of BDT are gays, living in the "closet"; those who tried to coerce all gays into coming out of the "closet" were most likely killed with Anthrax (156007), er that is AIDS (124412). Thus you can see that there is nothing truly warlike about the militancy of the gays or BDT in general. The mouthy moronic ones are the most warlike members of BDT, and you will be targetted for opposing them (Is. 59:15) as you would be for opposing "Bush Daddy Stupidity" (128276) anywhere. Since the militant side of BDT is so well-concealed, you must understand that it is infused into every thing that they do.

I have written enough of the chemical-mongering practices (194653) of this "Fools' World Order" (104469) and how they go about educating fools (79546); but I will relate here another example of how BDT suppresses knowledge to promote death. Have you considered that the alcoholic may be as stupid as the coprophagist (166317) for the same reason? Since you can actually smell bile duct toxins on the breath of an alcoholic, that probably means that the alcohol has caused those toxins to enter the stomach and the esophagus where they are readily absorbed into the blood, producing the same brain damage as coprophagia. Information and research on this phenomena seems to have been stymied in the same way as that on the toxicity of alcohol, the fifth most potent poison known to man. A few ounces of pure alcohol will kill you before it reaches your brain. As with all recent life-prolonging information, BDT seems to be the first to get it, the first to suppress it, and the first to use it to promote death. And they do it with a smile that is really a smirk, saying that BDT's "closeted" militancy is going to get you sooner or later.

BDT's "closeted" Third Reich of the "Serpent" that is Zionism (132033) has been so successful that the required smile on their faces now conveys that they are the "Master Race" (Is. 28:15; Prov. 10:11). Since Bush Daddy claims that his I.Q. has dropped to 47, the only sign that you would find of his militancy is a demure smile like that he wore when trying to snare students at Cornell (189161; Is. 14:19-20). In the same way "Messiah Exarchou" (62371) is always walking around with an idiotic grin on his face. Since the coprophagic look (70672) that the "Morons America Style" (46750) have wiped off their faces doesn't seem to be coming back; this perpetual smile may be the look on their faces that betrays them (Is. 3:9). Since BDT has killed or will kill all reliable witnesses that could prove BDT's criminal intent, we have to make it look like BDT won. Bush Daddy, the lawless Jacob (Mic. 1:5), the uncrowned king of Babylon on the Potomac (Is. 14:4) must become the great and glorious Great Dead King of the Israelites, God's chosen people (93509); and the lawless holy wannabes of BDT are the last Israelites left in the land (Mic. 7:2). When the day dawns, the King of Israel will be silenced (Hosea 10:15) and made to stand up on two feet like a man, so that he can carry the glory and the salvation of the Heart of Israel to the ends of the earth (Dan. 7:4). That will be a welcome change to BDT's unwarlike militancy with a stupid smile.

PS: 8/9/02 As a result of the sulfur dioxide levels in the air here a few weeks ago and "Bush Daddy Alert" (194653) being blocked from Ithaca IMC; it looks like "Pertussis outbreak hits the country" as reported by Lauren Bishop in The Ithaca Journal: "About a month ago..."x"...thought that she had a light cold with a cough... That was until she attended a bluegrass festival in mid-July and stumbled out of her tent....with a coughing fit.... "I was freaking out because I thought I was going to die. I couldn't breathe..." .....Several misdiagnoses and hundreds of dollars later, "x" found out she had pertussis, or whooping cough, after a friend suggested she might have it. She also found a Web site with a sound file that matched her cough. ..Twelve cases of confirmed pertussis have been reported in Tompkins County, according to the Tompkins County Health Department... The health department is urging residents who come down with cold symptoms with a cough to talk to their doctors without delay, and to tell them that pertussis has been diagnosed in other people in the area...."

Sounds like investigative medicine, "hit-and-run" medicine, or something like that, doesn't it? And the dang ambulance crews were out on patrol today too!

Summary to Maine IMC: Beware the smiling militant! Bush Daddy claims that he is holed up in Kennebunkport, wearing a bonnet and a bathrobe whenever he goes outside where there are boats several miles off that might photograph him. Since Bush Daddy claims credit for all of the chemicals that the Eagles have ever broadcasted, the Eagles are being urged to spit Bush Daddy out in Dryden. Hackers blocking IMC access everywhere like the bogus students up at Cornell Uris Library computer lab are unaware that it is probably a capital crime to block international communications (182222). Photograph them for they will lead you to the ones who empowered them.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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Bush oks cloud seeding hail attacks 12.Aug.2002 12:56

the antibush antibush

I couldn't help but notice that after Bush went to party all night with Putin in Russia that when he returned there began a continuing blackout of news broadcasts on the radio in the central New York State region with what I think is a new type of radar that Bush brought back with him that has the capability of jamming radio broadcasts. I only had a radio during the month of June 2002 and I suffered through a terrifying hailstorm with chunks of ice the size of golfballs some of which were conglomerates of severaL hailstones. The storm wiped out my gardens and broke windows in my little cabin anh dented my car and ripped leaves from trees leaving a 4 inch thick layer of hail when it was over. For a few days after that event i could hear large propellor driven planes flying around in thunderstorms.Personally I resent the US practicing warfare on its citizens; what is next? Are they seeding the air with designer microbes?