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refocus for 7pm tue eve bush meeting 3534 se main

This is a general community meeting in preparation for wed evening meeting which will be limited to one representative per "affinity group". How many representatives are sent from tue meeting will depend on how wide a cross section of agitprop community attends. For sure there will be one rep from Portland Peaceful Response Coalition, subject to pprc points of unity and guidelines, and one rep not subject to those constraints. Lots of iced lemonade for everybody regardless.
refocus for 7pm tue eve bush meeting 3534 se main
refocus for 7pm tue eve bush meeting 3534 se main
THE ANNOUNCEMENT stuff got done in Summary.
. . . Everybody Everywhere < theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com> has received messages from Tom Calvert and Victoria Ashley that contain stuff we need to include - and keep us grinning while we do it:
. . .
. . . "Tim Calvert" < tcalvert@pcez.com> with demonstration suggestions:
. . .
HAVING PARTICIPATED in many of the Bush/Quail and now Bush/Cheaney protests I just want to put out this feed back because I doubt I can make the meetings.
. . . Please have a subcommittee produce a lot of signs for all the naffiliated protestors who show up but just stand around in street clothes, their opposition silienced for want of a sign.
. . . Please encourage people to come on bikes.  Bikes allow the protestors to be more mobile than the cops and the Bush handlers.  By easily circling the event they will be less likely to isolate the protest, and our chances of getting in the media increase.
. . . Let us vent our anger at the Republican donors and Bush himself, not the cops; they are not the heart of the problem.   
. . .
. . . "victoria ashley" < vicc_a@hotmail.com> with some ideas from SF Cheney protest - ideas for Baby Bush actions
. . .
REMEMBER that protestors will be contained in a pen.
. . . Our fake Cheney and his clan were allowed to roam freely and occassionally
lead a troupe of protestors around the outside of the hotel. So if there's
a way to have a 'moving' protest, that's an idea.
. . . Next - our local group the IAC brought the mic so they spent a lot of
the important chanting time making announcements for their events - do not get
sidetracked with that stuff, keep the focus. This isn't about Mumia and selling socialist newspapers - this is life and death for a lot of people all around the world. DO NOT LOSE FOCUS! KEEP CHANTING and have a couple of designated chant leaders. Only one person brought a table but you should definately bring some and keep them further away so they don't clog the protest area. You could oncentrate some handouts there.
. . . A critical part of this type of protest is the loudness of the chanting -
your loudness will draw more people and if possible, reach the people on the
. . . Next - you'll get a LOT of people you've *never* seen at a protest and
they'll need handouts for local group's info so they can keep on coming
out and demonstrating - bring lots of literature. Ours dissapeared right away.
. . . This isn't the local choir. I made stickers and then just left them around for people to put on - they also dissapeared and were distributed.
. . . Bring a *ton* of noisemakers of any kind - all the people who have never
been at a demo won't think to bring stuff and will like to make noise.
If you know of a local marching band who would like to make noise...
. . . Chalk. Paint bombs. Stickers. Am I forgetting anything?
. . . As I've mentioned before in another email to someone up there, I urge
you to BURN SOMETHING - a mock 'Patriot Act' (maybe a big foam core one), an
effigy, a photo, many photos . . . media likes flames and smoke. One thing we hadn't thought of - look for a way to get a huge banner hung outside the window of any tall buildings. Remember that while local media may have decent coverage, international media will *only* cover unexpected things - burnings, heckling on camera, knocking over the police barricades. Maybe someone could lob a small paint bomb at the building.
. . . Large numbers of arrests really don't count for much anymore. In SF blocking traffic for an hour at the federal building (even with wheelchair
arrests!) doesn't get 30 sec on the evening news. Knocking over the barriers and approaching the cop line may get covered nationwide, as it did in Halifax.
We had lots of fake money and threw it everywhere. At least one of our hecklers got knocked off her chair by a fellow patriot who attempted to strangle her. . . . Hecklers are heros and can get some shit for their courage. Also, the counter demo will be small but vicious and insane. In ours the cops moved them to a far corner after they got out of hand. I was told that in Sacramento the cops let in the counter demonstrators and the flag wavers, but kept real protestors far away - I'd suggest having a large fake contingent ready to shed yuppie coverings and hold up the real signs in the midst of the patriots. If they're outnumbered, though, they may take beatings and media would love to cover that - it may not be good if you don't have numbers. If you had at least 100 people willing to bring a fake sign (maybe the real sign underneath) and cheap flag to discard, it could work, but it depends on the number of conservatives you guys have up there. They may be too scared to come out in significant numbers if there's a lot of scary media ahead of time. But maybe feds pay people to come to these, who knows.
. . . Lots of nutcases on hand, but they always hold a sign or at least an
earth flag! It's scary to be in the midst of the feds, and you spend half your time in the days before hand worrying if they're bugging or spying on or
infiltrating everything....but in the end you realize - "What was I so scared of?"
. . . We did have one guy show up - a loud assholeish guy who 'wanted
to get to know' everyone, was asking everyone's names, etc., explaining
how he had just heard about the protest and had to come over from the hotel
he was at, etc. Who knows? Give a fake name if people you don't know ask.
. . . But the local cops were the ones really shitting themselves when cars got
through, or people didn't listen. They've got incredible pressure on them not to screw up. Our local paper the Examiner mentioned the pressure they were feeling in one of its articles beforehand. They were mostly on our side but will be looking to do mass arrests.
. . . I might be wrong, but I'd say forget about numbers and go for *quality* - meaning uniqueness and unexpectedness. These days in the Bay Area, arrests at various events (Livermore Lab, hotel workers strike, etc.) are happening every other weekend involving 50, 60 people at a time. There's local coverage, but
not much else.
. . . Remember the 'penned-in' aspect - decide who will push over those police
barriers and be courageous.
. . .Our demo was basically an audience who got entertained by the fake Mime Troupe Cheney and did some chants but engaged in NO cd (except the hecklers). . . . Although that kept it fun and safe for the protestors, that's not what this is about, as far as I'm concerned. People who you would never expect will be willing to get arrested, and you find that out too late.
. . . But I know it can be good! You guys have some time to prepare. Just
don't get scared - this is an adminstration that - as Deniis Kucinich (D-Ohio)
said - "has no idea of what they're doing." Nonetheless, if it were me (and
I didn't want to get ID'd) I'd bring the ol' bandana, since the latest tool appears to be videoing people.
. . . We didn't have that at all - at least not openly - at Cheney, but I've seen that almost everywhere else (Ottawa, Livermore, etc.), so I'm guessing they're someplace.

Good Luck!
Oaktown, CA

phone: phone: 503 471 1535 PPRC
address: address: 7pm tue eve aug 13th 3534 se main between hawthorne and belmont

Billionaires for Bush? 12.Aug.2002 11:17


Any word on whether they'll come?

I should try to get a Buffalo Sabres shirt and come as one of the Rigases, begging Baby Bush for a pardon. ;)

Fake anti-protestors and bikes 12.Aug.2002 14:45


Those are great ideas, we need critical mass and people in suits. I'd do both or either. Nothing would be better than throwing down patriotic signs and chanting "george bush corporate whore"