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Tell STARBUCKS and their PORTLAND LAWYERS to leave Samantha Buck alone!!

call, email, fax the corporate cowards going after samantha buck SMASH STARBUCKS !!
someone called for a protest at starbucks this friday to support samantha buck in astoria. right on. we'll be there. BUT letter-writing and flyers only get you so far. we also need direct action, or direct annoyance anyway, to get the goods. repeatedly email and call the following corporate cowards and tell them how you feel about starfucks screwing over sam buck. get all your friends to do the same. email this info around to everyone you know. according to their public relations spin they brought in over 2.5 billion (ok? BILLION!) dollars in revenue last year. rumour has it that they are demanding their attorneys' fees paid. of course their attorney is with one of the highest priced firms in the northwest --Perkins Coie. sam's business couldn't possibly even scratch starbucks cash flow but their demands could bankrupt her. it looks to us like unneccesary use of force a'la David vs. Goliath.

let them know that this kind of corporate intimidation/abuse of power is completely unacceptable!

Elizabeth Schwartz is the Perkins Coie lawyer assigned to the case
Email: schwe@perkinscoie.com AND eschwartz@perkinscoie.com
bio: http://www.perkinscoie.com/bios/schwe.htm
Phone: (503) 727-2054 (direct line)

schwartz is a big-wig lawyer who worked for miller, nash and was president of the oregon women lawyers assn. starbucks is throwing a big rock at samantha buck.

Perkins Coie is at 1211 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite 1500 in downtown Portland

map: http://www.perkinscoie.com/office/maps/portland.htm

general number:
fax: 503-727-2222

ALSO, Perkins Coie conveniently provides an online form to email them your feelings: http://www.perkinscoie.com/cgi-bin/contactform.cfm

Starbucks Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 34067
Seattle, WA 98124-1067

physical address, if you can stop by:
+1 (206) 447-1575 extension 2900

Toll free Telephone: 800-235-2883 (hit 0 immediately and save yourself the long rambling pr pitch)
Fax: 206-447-3432
You should be able to send an email from the Starbucks website: http://www.starbucks.com, but we couldn't find it.

we found this on the web and don't know if it's for real: e-mail starcserv@aol.com

the bad guys at starbucks:
Howard Schultz, Chmn., Orin C. Smith, Pres./CEO, Michael Casey, Exec. VP/CFO/CAO, Shelley B. Lanza, Exec. VP/Counsel/Secy.


I demand that Starbucks drop it's legal action against Samantha Buck in Astoria Oregon. She has every right to her own name, however she chooses to use it. Starbucks' image is at stake here. Starbucks prides itself on being a good neighbor in the communities it enters. However, Starbucks entered Ms. Bucks' community long after she had established herself and is now threatening her. No one likes a bully and this is bullying. If you choose to pursue this legal action against Ms. Buck I will not only boycott your stores, but also encourage everyone else I know to do so. Progressive-minded Oregon is not the place for Starbucks to attempt these kinds of shenanigans.

Send these messages often. Set up new free email accounts just for this purpose. Hit send like 50 times. Fill up their inboxes. Give 'em hell. They're givin' Samantha hell and she deserves better. SMASH STARBUCKS !!

Remember to dial *67 before you call or fax if you wish to remain anonymous.

GRRR 11.Aug.2002 22:19

Fed Up

Clever, conniving bastards to choose a woman lawyer for their dirty work. Corporate sleaze mentality is destroying life.

Time to change!

Time to

Hey! look what we have!! a BLACK FAX! 11.Aug.2002 23:40

anonymous and made up. both of us.

borrowing a page from the SHAC manual of corporate torture, here is a BLACK FAX. Download it and fax it to Starbucks and their goon lawyers here in Portland. (It's an M$ Word document -- can anyone make a PDF out of it?)

The fax is totally black with the words "Back off of Samantha Buck" in white 20 times. Send it outside of business hours, several to many times. Black faxes use up all the toner in their fax machines and send a stark message.

If you can, tape 3-4 together in a long strip and feed them into the fax. When the end of the first sheet has come through, tape it to the end of the last sheet, making a loop. Watch to see that this loop is faxing continuously, then go out for a cup of coffee at your Local Neighborhood NON-CORPORATE shop. Put your change in their legal fund if they've started one.


Tell your friends to do the same thing!!

BIG PROPS to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) for introducing us to this technique.
Hey! look what we have!!  a BLACK FAX!
Hey! look what we have!! a BLACK FAX!

you can send an e-message using thier website 15.Aug.2002 12:50


Check it out: they may not put any e-mail address on their website but there is a page that you can use to send them an e-mail message:

- go to www.starbucks.com
- click "Contact Us" in the very lower-right
- click "Company Information Inquiry" about half-way down
- fill out the form and send

Definitely use an e-mail address that's not your personal one such as a free account on Yahoo! or another webmail, as your address will almost definitely get added to a marketing list. I normally use a phony (hah-hah) phone number and request to be contacted at the (disposable) e-mail address, to avoid marketing phone calls also.