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Tired of debt slavery?

Why credit card debt is nothing short of fraud!!
This is the time to wake up from the Matrix.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bbcoa.com/books/amhope.shtml

no advertisements! 11.Aug.2002 20:19


while the subject matter is pertinent, the advertising of goods is not

Don't get into debt 11.Aug.2002 20:35


Instead of buying this book, I can give some free advice:

"Don't buy something unless you can pay for it in full."

Maybe I should charge $30 for that, too...

who is to blame? 13.Aug.2002 17:06

MC Ard

the ability to borrow responsibly can be quite helpful. i wouldn't have been able to buy a house otherwise. i suppose we could blame the credit card companies and international countries for all sorts of things, but in the end people decide whether they want to, can, or should borrow. and it's their responsibility for paying it back.