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Starbucks protest this Friday to support Astoria's Samantha Buck

There's more reasons to protest Starbucks? than we could list, but here's one more: To show solidarity with Samantha Buck, who is getting legal hassle from Starbucks? for using Her Own Name on her coffee shop in downtown Astoria, Sam Buck's.
Mark your calendar: This Friday, August 16, there will be a protest outside the Starbucks in Pioneer Courthouse Square to show solidarity with Samantha Buck of Astoria.

Nearly two years ago, Samantha bought a small coffee shop in downtown Astoria and named it Sam Buck's -- after herself. A year later, Starbucks? opened a store inside Fred Meyers, five miles away, and served Samantha with a cease and desist order demanding that she stop using her own name on her store because they claimed it was causing confusion for Starbucks? customers. Samantha refused.

On August 9, Samantha Buck was served a summons by Starbucks?. She is required to respond within 20 days to Starbuck?'s demand that she change the name of her shop or face legal prosecution. Samantha's Portland lawyers have told her that she needs to produce $5000 to initiate the legal batttle. Sam neeeds assistance, both material and emotional.

Let's show some support for Samantha here in PDX !!

More details, and downloadable flyers will be uploaded here to indymedia soon, but in the meantime keep your calendar free for Friday, August 16. We're thinking of a 7:00 a.m. start time, bright and early for the morning coffee crowd, and going as long as there are folks to do it.

Please add your thoughts and brainstorms to this post about tactics/strategies. This event is still totally in the planning stage. Ideas so far:

  • A letter to Starbucks? demanding that they leave Samantha alone. People can sign this letter and we'll send copies to Starbucks? and Samantha both.
  • Slips of paper with the same message for Starbucks? customers to deliver to the store management if we can't convince them not to go in there.
  • A list of other coffee shops nearby, preferably locally-owned ones obviously.
  • Talking to Samantha's lawyers (who are here in Portland) and seeing if they'll come down and make a statement.
  • A local office of the law firm that Starbucks? has retained is also located here in Portland. Perhaps we can go tell them what we think of this hogwash and give them a copy of the letter too. (We have a hard copy of the complaint Starbucks? has brought against Samantha, so we can actually know what we're talking about if we go in there.)
  • Signs and flyers of course, to make a colorful display.
  • Anybody got a bullhorn they wanna bring?

Some of us will be meeting up this week to make signs and flyers, hammer out details, etc. If you're interested in being part of that, email: fellowtraveler@riseup.net

Take a stand for justice against the mean ugly corporate juggernaut that is Starbucks?. Come down to Pioneer Square this Friday !! Let's send a big message to Samantha that she's not alone !!

Background: [ Astoria Coffee War | Sam Buck has been served a summons by Starbucks ]

This is excellent! 11.Aug.2002 19:01

Astoria friends of Samantha

Thank yous so much for organizing this!

Evil, I tell ya! pure EVIL!!! 11.Aug.2002 21:07

surfin' cats

HOLY CATS! found it on wired.com!

Water Spoilsports
Sep. 26, 2001 The head of a Brooklyn ambulance company said Tuesday that the president of Starbucks has personally apologized after rescue workers in New York were forced to pay a Starbucks shop $130 for water to treat victims of the terrorist attack. Midwood Ambulance Service president Al Rapisarda said he received a hand-delivered reimbursement check and a personal call from Starbucks president Orin Smith after reports of the incident became public. Shortly after the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center, rescue workers rushed into a nearby Starbucks store to get water to treat shock victims, and employees in the shop demanded they pay $130 for three cases of bottled water. The workers paid cash, out of their own pockets. Rapisarda said he was happy with Starbucks' conciliatory gestures, which included free coffee and other gifts. "It's not a big deal anymore," Rapisarda said.

Why no one (even Samantha) can hurt Starbucks 11.Aug.2002 21:18

surfing cats

In 2000, Starbucks CEO Orin C. Smith, received $13,873,575 in compensation from the coffee company, plus $12,847,925 in stock option exercises. He still holds more than $33,000,000 in unexercised stock options.

Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz and Chief Executive Orin Smith each earned more than $2 million in 2001, according to documents filed by the coffee retailer. In its annual proxy statement, Seattle-based Starbucks said Smith and Schultz each earned a base salary of $995,192, plus a bonus of $1.15 million and options to buy 790,000 Starbucks shares.

The numbers show Smith got a raise of 36 percent over his 2000 salary of $730,770, while Schultz saw his salary rise 33 percent from $750,000 But their bonuses were down 9 percent from the $1.3 million each executive got in 2000.

Starbucks has over 2,500 coffee shops in the US and Canada (3,300 worldwide) and sells its bottled Frappuccino coffee beverages and ice cream to several thousand additional retailers and college campuses. Twenty percent of all coffee shops in the USA are now owned by Starbucks. Starbucks has partnerships with Pepsi-Cola, Marriott, Kraft/Phillip Morris, and the Albertson's supermarket chain.

Now 12.Aug.2002 08:57

Kateshvara abelo@earthlink.net

[No title]Now the corporations control our names.">

spent 12.Aug.2002 09:07

surfing dogs from Seattle

This is a simple 1st amendment case. If it goes to trial, SAMbucks will win; that is, if she's not outspent before she gets there.

And nobody wants to hurt starfucks (except maybe me).

Anyway, SAM was there first!

Internet Comment Form 12.Aug.2002 12:44


Starbuck has several online forms that you can fill out to "E-mail us with questions or comments about Starbucks Coffee Company; corporate social responsibility, investor relations or other corporate information."

The Company Information Inquiry Form is located here:


Fill out the form sometime this week, you can use bogus contact info and just fill out the "your message" box and click submit to tell them what you think about there action against Samantha.

Also here's their contact info from the website for those that want to write or call:

Starbucks Customer Relations
PO Box 3717
Seattle, WA 98124-3717
(206) 447-1575 x82900

Starbucks leave Sam Buck's alone! 14.Aug.2002 20:49

Kathleen Buck Kuikahi kkuikahi@turquoise.net

It's too bad that Starbuck's is so afraid of someone as small as Sam Buck's, Don't they realize that there is more than enough business to go around?

Small business makes up most of the businesses in the United States. I hope that many come to the aid of Samantha and she beats the big box.

You go girl!!

Give it up 16.Aug.2002 08:56

Corporate Supporter

All of you people who blame corporations for all of the wrongs in America need to shut your mouth and open your eyes. If it weren't for corporate America, you'd be eating bugs and living in huts. You wouldn't even be able to post your anarchist messages on this website. Starbucks is hardly afraid of some little coffee shop, it is simply a copyright issue. Give it up.

Big Business...bologna!! 16.Aug.2002 11:28

Sherry Asbury ladypoetrulz@yahoo.com

How depressing to find a multi-armed business trying to squeeze out a little 'guy' Sam Buck.
Shame on you, Starbucks. Throw a tantrum and try to get your way. Who is Sam Buck to your steamroller?
She is a lady just trying to survive. She works and takes care of business.
Come on big guys...BACK OFF!! You are looking pretty cheesy right now. You are multibillionairs and Sam is no threat to your reputation.
Sam, if you read this, find a good class action lawyer who will do this pro bono for the publicity...then YOU sue them.

I am sure I won't be the only one emailing this story out...
or talking about the inhumane indignity.

Sherry Asbury

731 SW Salmon #710

One Person at a Time... 16.Aug.2002 11:41

Not Enough Coffee Man

I was there this morning, and met Sam Buck and her sister Michelle. Very nice people, and so were their friends and family who came up from Astoria.

We convinced at least one person to go to another coffee shop; a former co-worker of mine was about to go into the Starbucks, and I told her what was going on. She ended up going to another store, disgusted at Starbucks' behavior.

The more people know about this, the better it will be; even people who would disagree with 99% of the opinions expressed on IndyMedia don't like bullies. We just have to tell the truth, one person at a time.

Family of Sam Buck 16.Aug.2002 14:36


I am the niece of Sam who has never nor will I ever drink or eat anything from Starbucks, First of all I don't drink coffee but my husband and sons do, They too have decided to boycott starbucks, this is so stupid and petty of starbucks I can't even believe that an attorney would even see this as being worth their time but hey thats coorperate Amercica for you. I give my support and blessings to Sam as does my family. Stand your ground Aunt Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mike Tracy Shaun Brian of Stayton, Oregon

Reap What you Sow 29.Aug.2002 10:16

Kim Brown kim.j.brown@usace.army.mil

I think that Starbucks will eventually get what their dishing out. You can't go thru life hurting the little guy and expect to come out on top. There's this little thing called "carma".

It's funny what they choose to reap. Starbuck will "reap what they are sowing? They are not sowing good seeds.

You hear everyday about big corporations going out of business (Enron, K-Mart, Home Base, etc). If they think it won't happen to them they better take a look at their morales.