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Portworkers Fight Back in SF Bay area

SF Bay Indymedia ILWU Feature, August 12
As demonstrations in Argentina and elsewhere herald the deepening "crisis of capitalism" in the US, workers across the Bay Area are unifying the struggle against employers attempting to eliminate jobs, cut healthcare and other benefits, attack workers' rights, and threaten public services.

Working under an expired contract, 10,000 West Coast longshore men and women face a threatened lockout by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) ? and now the danger that President Bush will invoke the Taft-Hartley Act to crush a strike or slowdown. With contract negotiations stalled for two weeks, Bush has urged dockworkers to accept a compromise with bosses. In the event of a lockout or strike, unofficial "action centers" in major ports around the world will support the ILWU workers. Bush's only potential trump card: taking the nation to war.

On Monday 8/12, portworkers and supporters will hold a "Stop Work Meeting" and rally at the Oakland Federal Building to demand that the government stop threatening workers' rights and stay out of contract negotiations, scheduled to resume on 8/13. Over 700 portworkers and supporters rallied on 7/24 at PMA headquarters in SF: Photo | details | portsolidarity2002.org

Dock workers vs mega corps/ David and Goliath 12.Aug.2002 18:37

chan chavin

What would happen if the docks should shut down permenently? What trama would this bring to third world and indigenous cultures? Would they find their own sustainable life style? Would their be chaos, starvation, and nakednes here in the US, or would we throw off some represive employment, get back to the land and start a lot of small and local buisnesses with gratifying sustainable employment. How would this change the economy, polution/global warming? As for the transnational mega corporations, who gives a dam?

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