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URGENT! San Antonio anti-HLS activists still imprisoned

Three of the nine activists that were arrested on August 9th in San Antonio during a home demonstration against HLS remain in jail. Call Bexar County Jail at (210) 270-6400 or (210)270-6300.
URGENT! San Antonio anti-HLS activists still imprisoned
URGENT! San Antonio anti-HLS activists still imprisoned
Call the San Antonio Jail in Support of Jailed Anti-HLS Activists

Activists arrested during an August 9th home demo against HLS are all being charged with third degree stalking and have been interrogated by the FBI. Three of the nine are still in jail. We must show these brave activists our deepest support and solidarity. Please do not stop calling the jail, if you have not called yet, CALL RIGHT NOW!

Please ask that they be provided with vegan food and be released on their own recognizance.

Call Bexar County Jail at (210) 270-6400 or (210)270-6300.

The activists in jail are listed below, please use their full name and birth date when calling. Let's not stop calling until we get word that they are out!
  • Mario Gutierrez - DOB: 11-26-69
  • Lawrence Dvoroznak - DOB: 6-19-79
  • Charles Mallard - DOB: 6-21-81
Remember, they are in jail because of their actions for animals, let's do our utmost to get them back on the streets and fighting!

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacUS.net

Correction and more info 11.Aug.2002 14:48


The first # appears to be wrong. 210-270-6400 is the # of an antique store. But the prefixes have changed anyway.

The # I got through to was 210-335-6300.

flesh and blood 11.Aug.2002 14:53

josh (reposted by a comrade)

During the course of the HLS campaign I have seen many activists do many spectacular things, but no area of the country has impressed me half as much as the activists in Texas. Texas was a state that prior to the HLS campaign had very little notoriety in the rest of the movement, but once they caught on to the HLS campaign activists from across the state, (Denton, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, El Paso, etc) all banded together and started beating the hell out of Huntingdon's collaborators. I personally believe that if Texas had not gotten involved when they did we would still be fighting Stephens Inc. The fact is that Texas was the biggest threat to Stephens day to day business, because they had amassed so many people on Stephens home turf in the South.

Anyhow, Texans have taught me something very important. Right now their are Marsh employees who go to work escorted by 5 police officers every morning and who have body guards and 24 hour home security. This is because activists in Texas recognize that we are not up against buildings, or corporate logos. They know that the people we are fighting are made of flesh and blood just like the rest of us. The targets of this campaign are not massive institutions, but decision makers. These people have weaknesses, and no one has hones in on those weaknesses quite like our friends in the Lone Star state.

All of us should be looking to our local targets and getting past the illusion that the rich and powerful can somehow protect themselves from everyday people like ourselves. If San Antonio can make high paid insurance brokers cry at the thought of leaving for work in the morning, than certainly we can as well. None of the activists in Texas, including 9 just arrested for stalking during a home demo, have greater resources or courage than the rest of us. They just had the initiative to get off the couch and go out and fight for the animals inside HLS.

Our enemies are strong as far as finances, but weak in will power. They will crumble when we apply enough pressure, as we have seen time and time again. I'm looking forward to the December 1st demos and going after the ne targets in this campaign. I think things are going to get really, really good here soon. I can't wait to see what happens next.

1 Out; 2 Political Prisoners Left 12.Aug.2002 10:51


Lawrence Dvoroznak made bail yesterday, August 11th.

Mario Gutierrez and Charles Mallard are still in jail.

Please call and let the jail system know they're being watched and that Mario and Charles are not stalkers but people fighting against the torture and death of 500 animals a day.

Update 13.Aug.2002 10:40


Mario Gutierrez was released yesterday, Monday, August 12th. Charles Mallard was released this morning.

Both on $25,000 bail.

All are out 31.Aug.2002 07:44

LD LDvoroznak@yahoo.com

I am one of the nine arrested in San Antonio, and all nine of us are out, aside from having our names removed, I'd just like to say thank you for everyone who has been supporting us in our struggle against the atrocities dealt out by HLS and it's associated companies.

The nine of us have been slowed by this arrest, but we have not been stopped from what I know several of us have went to a trip to Dallas, TX this weekend, to support other activists who are also in legal trouble also with HLS.


SA nine 10.Sep.2002 13:41

Lawrence LDvoroznak@yahoo.com

As of 5:00 PM 9-9-2 the stalking charges against the nine of us have been dropped and our Lawyer Gerry Goldstein in cahoots with the ACLU are now trying to have the felony charges expunged from our record. The DA took this long to drop the charges because the arresting police station in Fair Oaks Ranch Police Dept. didn't turn in video tapes that we had into the DA's office until yesterday, and upon viewing them, they proclaimed us free on account of there was insufficient evidence to prosecute us for Felony charges.....

Nick may still be facing resisting arrest charges, but those may also be dropped.

Fair Oaks still has the camcorder as well as all of our clothing.....will we continue to protest Marsh now that our charges are cleared, as long as HLS still runs and as long as Marsh is still involved with it, we will......


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