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Integrity in Politics Reception

wayne morse integrity in politics award 2002
recipient u.s. representative barbara lee
YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to attend the reception for The Wayne Morse Integrity In Politics Award 2002, August 25, 2002, 3:00 P.M.

Wayne Morse Commons, William W. Knight Law Center: corner 15th and Agate Streets
University of Oregon, Eugene

Presented by The Wayne Morse Historical Park Corporation

For additional information contact:
Laura Olson, WMHPC President (541) 895-6380
George Beres, WMHPC Board Member (541) 344-0282

Wayne Morse Free Speech Platform and Statue Project pavers
are still available for purchase. A display will be present
at the Wayne Morse Integrity in Politics Reception or
contact Larry Perry, WMHPC Vice President at (541) 686-8258.

Representative Barbara Lee, whose lone dissenting vote against the
government's "war against terrorism" earned her both criticism and
admiration, has been named winner of the Wayne Morse Integrity in
Politics Award for 2002. Final selection was made by a blue ribbon
national committee of former holders of the Morse Chair in Law and
Politics at the University of Oregon.

Morse's own words, drawn from his quarter century service in the
U.S. Senate (1944-1968), suggested criteria for award selection:
"I will exercise an independence of judgment based on the evidence
of each issue. I will weigh the views of my constituents and party,
but cast my vote free of political pressure and unmoved by threats
of loss of political support."