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For the sake of the forests

We believe the fires in Southern Oregon were intentionally set to allow the corporate logging companies to cut down the forests of the west coast. We are in grave danger. We have seen this action before...when George Bush Sr. was here in the 1980's

My name is Hanora. I hide my true identity for safety purposes, not mine, by my community.

I have lived in Oregon for all my life. I lived in the deep forests until recently. I came to the city to try to wake the people up. My main community is the people who live in the mountains between the valleys and the oceans. These areas were once great rain forests. Most of the humans who live in these mountains and forests are considered to be poor. Many do not possess electricity, indoor plumbing, or good drinkable water. But we have a connection to the earth. We must trust the earth for our survival. So we listen and watch. I am writing this message from that connection with the earth.

We are in grave danger. The community people from Southern Oregon say that the big forest fires in Southwest Oregon were intentionally set. Some community people looked for the area where the fires were set and found the headwaters of the fire. They tried to get others to look at these areas and when they came back to the area, forest service and other law enforcement officers kept them out. Then the area was burned over again.

We believe that the fires were set to create a political climate in which the rainforests of the West Coast will be permanently destroyed.

Many community people, those close to the earth, and protectors of the earth, have been burned out of their homes. We have nothing to lose by posting this message to others who might be willing to wake up.

We have lived in the Oregon forests for a long time. Collectively we span 80 years. Our ancestors span many more years. We have a memory. What is happening in Oregon happened before. Please do not turn away from this message. Please listen to us. We have something grave to share with you. We also believe that in a short time the internet will be taken down and we will not be able to share with you anymore, except in person-to-person contact in our communities. So please do not excuse this message as some crackpot, lunatic fringe. We post this message with our courage, truth and peace.

In the 1980's the regime of George Bush, Sr. came to Oregon. During his reign of terror he was able to take down a quarter of the rain forests of Oregon and the West Coast. He was also able to corrupt the communities of Oregon so that we could not fight back. So deep was this corruption that even today whole communities are afraid of each other. He played old timers against new comers, and young against old, and old time farmers against new sustainable farmers. He told the logging families that the hippies in the woods were here to destroy them. He spread fear and then he helped corporate logging companies cut down millions of acres of forests, including old growth. The trees were cut into logs and sent overseas for cheap production. The local mills lay off workers and blamed the layoffs on environmentalists. The people were filled with fear of each other so they could not act to help each other. It was during this time that we lost our healthy drinking water. The clearcuts of the forests destroyed the streams and sources of drinking water. Many people fell into poverty. The scar is still present in all communities of Oregon. We are unorganized and unable to stop the present destruction of the forests.

You who think this is a regional war, and will not be affected by this rape of the earth, are mistaken. You who live in the Midwest, in the cities, on the east coast who think this damage to the rainforests has nothing to do with you, are mistaken. This is not about saving a pretty place on the earth. It is about saving the future of North America.


The coast range of British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon is a rain forest that is vital to moisture throughout North America. The Pacific Ocean creates clouds from condensation. The clouds raise up onto the land mass just off the West Coast of North America, ...now this is important...THE RAINFORESTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, CANADA, AND NORTHERN CALIFORINA SEED THE CLOUDS WITH MOISTURE! The clouds laden with moisture travel across the western states, deserts, valleys, then to the Midwest...the so-called breadbasket of the America, and dump their moisture. Without this moisture...without healthy rainforests, the middle part of America will dry up and burn up.

We in Oregon no longer expect people from other parts of North America to care about the rainforests for the sake of this region. But, if you knew that your own safety and future was at stake would you start to care?


George Bush Jr. is here. His armies of federal police, corporate lackeys, and mis-information media have us in a strangle hold. Already the corporate media is saying the big fires of Southwest Oregon were caused because environmentalist would not let corporate logging companies cut down the forests.

Already, the community people are being told that they need to move to the cities because it is not safe to live next to the forests...too much fire danger. They want us to move away so we will not report on what they are doing to the forests.

The logging companies and local arm of corporate media are spreading misinformation and hatred. Hatred and fear is once again being spread amongst the people so we cannot help each other.

We are asking you to help us. Rise up! Turn off those damn televisions...it is a drug....to keep you asleep and immovable. Do not believe the lies. We are fast moving into a war culture that is on the move. Like a great crusade to steal the natural resources of each country of the planet, all economic, politica, and cultural resources are being diverted into war. Once it is over, there will be no food, or drinking water. Millions of humans, and an untold number of other species will be destroyed. Other humans will be sick from environmental degradation. There already is no healthcare for many in America and other countries to help those who are sick. The earth is losing its other communities. These plants, and animals and insects are vital to our survival. If you cannot love these communities for their own sake, for their beauty, peace and truth, love them because in them is locked YOUR survival.

This is the truth of my community. Will you now turn away and say we are lunatics? Do you have courage to find the truth for yourself and unhook from the addictions that pin you to inaction?

We believe in the near future there will be no internet. We believe that you will need to come out of your houses and away from you computers to talk to one on one. Are you up to it? Can you spread courage and peace? Will you even remember how to talk to each other.

I have to go now. I have a fire to fight. A fire that burns across the land and engulfs all that is peaceful, sustaining, and healthy.

Peace and courage to you Hanora

Stop dropping so much PCP 11.Aug.2002 15:30


This is another smelly pile of garbage. Worthless, crackpot garbage. There, I said it.

Truth is hard to hear when you are consumed 11.Aug.2002 15:46


dear postman...

truth is hard to hear when you are consumed by lies and drugged by addiction. Here is someone willing to stand forward and express her truth. Scares you that people all over the planet are waking up. What you gonna do when they come for you? I suggest you find people of courage. I suggest you start now and get use to encouraging people instead of flinging your shit at everyone.

The truth will set you free

Community Living? The End of the Internet? 11.Aug.2002 15:52


Thanks for the laugh, Jim. Your next pledge task is to bring a pizza to the fraternity house. Half pepperoni, half canadian bacon and jalepenos. Be here by 5.

follow up! who else can verify? 11.Aug.2002 16:35

C TC ctc@gofairtrade.net

This story contains interesting theories and should be checked out by independent parties.

It is easy to dismiss this person's claims as those of a "crackpot" but I personally have reason to believe parts of what he/she is saying could be true.

We do know about the case of FS worker Terry Barton alleged to have started a massive fire in Colorado two months ago:

Back to Oregon there's very little official oversight of firemen, police, forest service, BLM and other governmental entities that oversee forest areas during wildfire season. In other words who's watching the watchers? When a wildfire zone is declared by the fire marshal there is a "communique" order of operations which goes from county to state then to local regions over radio, phone and door-to-door. This is so officials can sanely conduct an evac. if homes/people are threatened by fires. Often the feds are involved in this communication process I think.

One theory/angle is that the firemen are starting the fires so they can continue to have jobs. Most of the seasonal firemen I know hate their work. It's hot, sweaty 20-hours-a-day work so except for the possibility of corrupt upper-level fire marshalls answering to moneyed interests and hence starting fires I don't think this theory is likely. In some cases they use inmate labor to fight fires so maybe prisoners are involved?

Another theory/angle is the feds are starting the fires. FS "freddies" or federal counter-insurgency paramilitary forces could be aiding or abetting. Maybe we can factor in the "war on drugs" here. "Herbs" were discovered by firemen in southern Oregon so maybe the feds are targeting crops or trying to scare decent people. Nothing new here.

Yet another theory/angle is that it's a group of private parties paid by somebody or some rogue organization(s) to start the fires. I think this is the most likely theory. If illegitimate or corrupt portions of the U$ government are involved in setting fires the gov. indirectly paying these private parties to do it permits the gov. to be distanced from any crimes committed. Instead or in addition to the feds it could be timber companies, mining companies trying to get future rights to the land where the fires are or just greedy people who want to steal the land and pave over it.

Anybody who says the wildfires can't be anything but a natural occurrence is naive and foolishly dismissing the possibility of criminal intent. They're ignoring obvious "signs of the times": corruption is highly prevalent in our government. We already have a case history (say... who made Terry Barton's $600,000 bond?) now we need to look for probable cause. There ARE heat-sensing satellites in outer space that can zoom in on the ground to within 1 mm resolution. An accountable government should be deploying these satellites to protect our forests from criminal pyrotechnics but don't expect any cooperation whatsoever from Thief-In-Chief Bu$h. I hope if somebody's deliberately setting those fires they get caught. Punishment should be covering them in honey and helicopter-dropping them near a bear's den. ;) Now THERE's justice, dealt by nature.

peace, love and equal rights ~CTC

CTC 11.Aug.2002 16:58


listen brother, although this is disconcerting do you people actually believe that one of the community people would hike all the way in to an urban center, compose such a well thought out essay and post it here? i'm certainly not dismissing the fact that the inordinate number of forest fires this year, in light of the strange circumstances of the one in colorado, is concerning and needs a much more thorough inspection. i just don't think that this message has much credibility and if the author has to go to such extremes to cloak themselves in anonymity why should i believe anything they say? i don't. i feel sorry for and pray for those people who are directly affected by the fires but this is not one of the most important battles to fight right now, and by making a conspiracy where there isn't one is diverting our attention from the real issues.

Most of this is not controvercial 11.Aug.2002 17:12


It's hard to say for sure who did what. It's impossible to say what their real motives are. I don't know about the Internet but it's for certain that there are agenda underway to blame fires on environmentalist. Obviously this is a ploy to allow the lumber companies to 'Thin' out the last few old stands.

This article describes that standard Republican MO of pitting one faction against another with a campaign of lies and misrepresentation. If you come out with the truth they can only hit you with spite and sarcasm because that's all they have. If they had anything else they would use it.

The closer to the truth you get the less they like it.

The hell are you talking about? 11.Aug.2002 17:16


<i>This article describes that standard Republican MO of pitting one faction against another with a campaign of lies and misrepresentation. If you come out with the truth they can only hit you with spite and sarcasm because that's all they have. If they had anything else they would use it.

Like using their actual names and reporting actual facts? Must be nice to live in a fantasy world.

Idiots 11.Aug.2002 17:22


Correct me if I'm wrong but how is nature dealing out justice if you HELICOPTER DROP him? Moron. Next time put the peace pipe down before you think you're witty.

response to skeptics 11.Aug.2002 17:55

indy reader

Hanora's ideas are not new. I've been hearing similar murmerings recently from others from that part of the state, or who know people in that part of the state, or who are up on forest issues and the complexities of fire science. A good question to ask is always, "Who benefits?" Some speculation is given above that provides food for thought on that topic.

As for "actual facts", there's plenty of those out there that never make it into the Oregonian. That's why indymedia is here. For example, the idea that environmentalists or environmental policies are responsible for these fires is a load of timber-company-supported propaganda. Remember, the folks telling you this are also the ones who say it isn't a clearcut when they leave a half dozen trees standing there, just waiting to get blown over in the next storm.

As for "actual names", well i don't see a single one on this page. That doesn't mean anything. Does the name "Deep Throat" mean anything to you? That's the pseudonym of the internal source who uncovered the information needed to bring down Nixon during Watergate.

I'm glad this issue is getting the open airing here that it's not getting (and won't EVER get) in the Oregonian.

Disinformation 11.Aug.2002 19:16

The Cynic or Cyrenaic

How do we know this isn't just disinformation to spread conspiracy theories so as to embarass and further polarize activists and the public. For example we start spreading this theory, lead investigations, publish articles, and then the feds come out and "find the real person who did it" to the embarassment of us all. I could be just too paranoid though.

Coast range saga - part 2 11.Aug.2002 19:33


What's the matter with you people. Where have you been for the last 20 years. I farmed in the coast range and can tell you that what this lady is saying is true as far as how much shit has hit the fan between forest service personnel, locals, newcomers, and logging companies. Ever hear of the company town mentality. Keep everyone poor and separated and you can rule the roost. In the last ten years the forest service people got friendly and less divisive...but when Bush Sr. was here...people just started hating each other.

There were all sorts of tactics to get tree-friendly people off their land and away from the clear-cutting. Heliocopers swooping down on your hen-house...pilots saying they were looking for weed, county building inspectors telling you your shed was illegal and he'd have to fine you thousands of dollars.

I saw the news report on those land owners down there not wanting to leave their house and land during the fire. I wouldn't leave either... There is such a hatred for hippies and alternative types...someone would probably let their house burn down. You city slickers don't have a clue what it is like to live in the hills. You better be strong,self-sufficient, and protected...cause besides a few community-minded folks you're on your own.

evidence? 11.Aug.2002 22:08


you have evidence of politcians making negative comments about things you think postively of and use that as evidence that his allies started fires.

Please, just like paranormal investigators say, "Outrageous
claims require outrageous evidence."

I'm sorry, you don't have any.

More so, the rambling tone of this post ("internet will be taken down ... Bush's...reign of terror ... Turn off those damn televisions...it is a drug") leads me think you're in an affected state-of-mind.

Get real people 12.Aug.2002 01:19


This conspiracy label is such idiocy.

Suggesting that someone might be starting fires for profit is no outrageous claim folks. It is only outrageous to the brainfogged coddled white middle-class which has led a protected sheltered life at the expense of others.

U.S. government has been killing people by the tens of thousands every year. It has been looting and pillaging. Same goes for gluttonous big business. All over the world.

Jesus some of you people are so dumb. World-Com, Enron, and a host of other scandals are in the midst of happening, and you still find it hard to fathom that the grab for profits creates just the sort of actions the original poster is talking about.

Wake up and get your heads out of the sand. Stop thinking companies and the government are actually working for the good - and stop buying their shit and supporting them.

You Americans are in for some hard times, and your denial smells pretty bad right now. Thinking you are good people, when you mostly spend your lives supporting evil in the world. Damn you are gonna fall hard.

What if 12.Aug.2002 05:32


if your t.v. screen started telling you (and it still might) that the forest fires were being set by Bin Laden-type terrorists as a means of hurting the U.S. economy, you'd probably believe it, with nary a squeak about 'conspiracy theories' and 'paranoid drug users.'

most of the U.S. government's recent claims - from the groups behind 911 to the bombing of Afghanistan to the restructuring of corporate responsibilities to the looming war on Iraq - have been delivered with no more evidence than the initial poster here provided. yet, when they appeared on our t.v. screens, they were accepted without any serious calls for solid evidence ("outrageous claims") of the type launched in this discussion.

so, it appears that t.v. IS a 'drug' in its persuasive potential, and that moves are being made to control the internet via monitoring, restricting access, and implementing user fees. the net as we know it today - free & easy communication - WILL be gone in the future (how many of us have access to t.v. or radio production - both miracle communication media in the past which in the present have been completely monopolized by government/business interests).

Love is the Answer 12.Aug.2002 08:09

Peace to all

The original author seems sincere. The words moved me deep inside. I lived in Ashland and Portland over the years and know well the hatred mentioned. I now live in southern california, and guess what? everyone is so scared of everyone else, that being out in the town is a most depressing experience. It's much safer (we think) and comfortable at home with the doors locked the beer cold and the TV on. (Don't forget the Prozac)

The TV stations are all owned by the same companies that pay for your political leaders the same companies that build guns and bombs the same companies that claim their AMA doctors can cure you (but in reality only perpetuate a state of constant discomfort).




THE US has been taken over by the ruling elite who care not for the people. The rulers are not here to serve us, but to SERVE US UP as so much fodder.

If you think you could be president of this once fine land, think again. If you don't have Rockefeller or Morgan or Rothschild or Warburg blood in you - you will never amount to a hill of beans. And even if you do have the right blood, they still might throw you to the lions.

Fires set by the ruling elite to burn alternative lifestyle folks from their rain forest homes? Sounds most plausable and completely believable. Remember Waco?

Listen close...ba boom...that's your heart! 12.Aug.2002 12:58


I live in the New England area...Vermont. Whether the fires are being intentionly set or not, I hear a deeper truth. There is only 3-5% of our Old Growth forests left on the North American continent. This affects the entire planet...the entire country...the entire west coast...the entire state...and yes, even your families. This quite simply is about being human and in touch with the Earth's present state.
How long can you hold your breath before the need for air comes to your lungs? How will our crops grow if our eco-system is out of balance? The food you eat...even the stuff in pretty packages comes from the hard work of farmers, sun, rain, and soil. These wonderful, hard working people that feed much of America, will not be able to grow our food without water.
In many places around the world drinking water is contaminated beyond consumtion by by industry. Even here in America, clean bottled water is sold for a price...what's next...AIR?
This is not hippy-dippy propaganda---this is the truth of our times. The "money" we now so greedily prize, will not be able to be eaten by future generations. I know it is hard to look at because we are each so deeply involved in our lives... the result of our inactions as a people is not easy to face. Still it must be done...listen to your heart, please. We are each stewards of this God given land, protectors. We must all continue to speak out even if our voices tremble! I will be there soon to help.

We Hear Your Words 12.Aug.2002 17:01


Many places have burned this year, and are burning still. In my area the Gila national forest has fires left to burn them selves out, no one is trying to stop them.
Be of good heart, many are awake to the troubles you have mentioned, there will come a time soon when people will come to know that they must come together for the protection of all, these things will happen.
It is a dark time now, one we have all known would come, it is hard to see the end and know which are the right ways for people to follow. Stay where you are, do the things needed to be done, you are not alone in your troubles.
Our thoughts are with you all, have no fears now, speak your truths to any who will listen, it is the way out of the darkness ahead. Good luck, peace to you and yours.