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Still looking for organizers for action planning meeting for bush's appeance.

Need more organizers / activists for planning meeting.

basicly I'm bumping this post to the top, it has some comments/replys, read it up!


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Mass Petitions to Congress 10.Aug.2002 10:41

Nicole Berg toongirl@hotmail.com

Now is the time to hit Congress with state-to-state petitions alerting them that the majority of the American public does not want war. Rallies are good but they don't change the system. Our local congresspeople need to see thousands of names staring them in the face saying they can kiss their jobs goodbye if they support this immoral, uneccessary war. Bush has not given the American public proof of Iraq's nuclear capability. It simply doesn't exist.

So I'm asking anyone here who knows: Is there already a petition in place in Oregon to sweat our senators?  http://democrats.com/elandslide/petition.cfm?campaign=iraq has a petition in place to stop the war.
Regardless of your political ideals, go there and sign it!

letters are great, I'm talking Direct Action. 10.Aug.2002 11:14

lichen lichen@riseup.net

I'm really interested in like doing something cool... Something along the lines of like DIRECT ACTION. At least a mass gathering in the streets with like ya know some marching and picket signs, confrontation with the police/secret service. Maybe even throw some stuff, nothing big and only straigh up, like bouncy balls.

Meeting this Tuesday? 10.Aug.2002 16:43


Rumour has it that the PPRC is holding a Bush protest planning meeting this Tuesday at SE Uplift. Are other groups getting involved? It would be great if the protest this time was organized by a broader group of anti-war activists.

Yes more groups, more organizers, more action 10.Aug.2002 18:27

lichen lichen@riseup.net

Whats the address / intersection of SE uplift, lets get that all straight with the time and make it a newswire post.