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Police Attempting to make Arrest on Waterfront meet resistance.

Beautiful unarrest at the waterfront.
First we hear sirens from across Front Ave. and a unmarked SUV trys to pull across into waterfront park. They almost hit someone on their way across. They pulled up to a group of people that were at the benches and trees just south of the large silver sculputure. Then one large officer came out of the SUV and attempted to arrest one male. That person ran, go man go. He didn't get far before he was tackled, another officer helped detain him. The arrestee was pinned to the ground yelling "I can't breathe" several times and then finally "Help me!" "Help!" Kids rushed down from the spectators and began to hit and kick the cops. The smaller cop pealled several people of the big cop, including a seemingly young women. He was finnaly so hurt that he was out of the game, panting and bent over, with his hand on the side of his head. Then at one point the big cop got a skateboard to the face. The kid ran away south and the cops headed off without making any arrests at the waterfront. People cheered from the sidelines "Fuck the Police" "You suck Pigs" It was honestly the most beautiful scene of resistance I've ever seen. Straight wacked the guy in the face with a skateboard. "I resist arrest, with a little help from my friends, and strangers!"
Even stranger... 09.Aug.2002 23:00


The strangest part about the whole event was the complete lack of any police response afterward; I was expecting ten cop cars to show up, sirens wailing and angry cops seeking to save face with some violent display of their authority. Luckily, Food not Bombers were able to eat in peace, but I couldn't help but feel a little weird that they would get up and leave with their tails between their legs and call it a day. Maybe they didn't follow proper protocol of some sort and decided the whole incident wasn't worth the trouble...if it was just harassment, why would a cop take a skateboard to the head and not do anything about it? Did anybody see anything I missed?

What?! 10.Aug.2002 11:44


Can we get more details. Why was this person being arrested. Where the poeple that jumped the cops activsts or just people for a jog in the park? What time of day was this? Where there a large number of witnesses?

very wierd 10.Aug.2002 12:19


It was like 5:45 in the afternoon. one cop car did show up about ten minutes after, followed by a horse cop a few minutes later. The spectators were a mix of the usual bunch hanging out (if you know that part of the park, you know what I mean) and food not bombs kids. The unarrest was a combined effort of both groups. I hope that kid got away. I was suprised those two cops didn't pull guns and start shooting. The whole thing was weird. Beautiful, but very weird.

Gentlemen Cops 10.Aug.2002 14:16


The cops are behaving very strange lately.Might be that the word is coming down from the top or perhaps something really is in the drinking water.At the demonstration on Tuesday against the grand juries,not a cop could be seen.Of course that is not to say they weren't around but if they were they behaved themselves in a gentleman's manner.At the demonstration last Saturday at the primate center,there was no shortage of cops but again they only observed and were not clicking off pictures on their cameras or video taping.Oh wait,that is not totally correct,there were two plain clothes Washington County cops in an unmarked car that were taking pictures from across the road.Didn't think we saw you,huh.But back to the subject at hand,the cops HAVE been holding back but my guess is they can only do that for so long and then when they finally do explode all hell will break out.Consider yourselves warned.

Why The Cops Haven't Been Acting Up... 10.Aug.2002 15:36


My theories:

1.) Kroeker is still worried about his bid to become LAPD chief. The Dave Mazza expose of his homophobic comments made some of the LA papers, and it's hurt his chances.

2.) The July 4 police terrorism against the flag-burners hit the "mainstream" media (if you consider the Mercury mainstream.) Again, another violent action by the police will hurt Kroeker's chances to become LAPD chief, and the July 4 police terrorism will open up the city to thousands of dollars in lawsuit/settlement liability.

FROM PDX TO LA WITH LOVE 10.Aug.2002 18:03


Shouldn't we all be sending letters of references for Kroeker to the LAPD.Might just be the best way of getting him out of Portland.I'm sure we could all use our imaginations and come up with something positive to say about him.....okay then, so we'll just lie our asses off.

well 10.Aug.2002 19:07


have the people who stopped the arrest still around? ya they may have gotten away then but the cops may have backed off knowing that they could hook them up later.

the time date and place isn't clear. thier has to be a paper trail somwhere. where they wearing ppb uniforms federal protective, state uniforms? are people shure the primary officer was a actual officer? did anyone see officers talking on thier radios while or after this happend?

If it isn't already abundantly known, water front park is HEAVILY SURVAILED. I don't about recently but in the last three years thiers been lots of pot busts down thier. and they don't always arrest in the park but in the blocks when people are leaving as to not alert the other people who are stupid enough to deal there in plain view.

someone who at least knows a street name for the intended target of the arrest please e-mail anyone from pdximc so they can at least try to identify if the intended target isn't in jail or a missing person.

Right On! 10.Aug.2002 20:00

John Shaughnessy antishs@hotmail.com

Right On guys! Im from Cape Cod, and although there is a strong veganarchist movement in sandwich(6 people), the town where i live, and many liberals, there doesn't seem to be much desire for political activities such as protests or whatever. Its great to see people coming together to fight back oppressive authority instead of just sitting back and watching and thinking cops must be arresting that person for a good reason. Well anyways, I was wondering if anyone could give me info on starting a food not bombs down here on the cape. My email's above this paragraph. Peace

hmmm 10.Aug.2002 20:35


How do we know that those "kids" weren't escaped rapists, or murders or something? Did you know them or just judge this by the way they were dressed?

Lets get something straight here 10.Aug.2002 21:59

lichen lichen@riseup.net

The only real reason that IMC knew about this unarrest is cuz it happened near Food Not Bombs. The people getting arrested/unarrested were probably pot dealers, I don't know anyone from that scene of pot slingers on waterfront, you'd have to go hang out there and ask around to find anything out.
I had to go volunteer for bike summer, otherwise i would of asked more questions.

Those people are super sketched anyways, I mean there smoking and selling pot all the time. You probably couldn't get any info out of them.... I wonder if they even know about IMC?

sparks will probably still fly. 11.Aug.2002 21:18


it takes awhile to scramble enough cops to confront a large gruop of people. the numbers of youth at the waterfront on these hot summer nights is large.
with the combination of drugs and alcohol (a dynamic that spreads into the club circut downtown) the police reconized that the situation could get out of hand very quickly. They probably decided that the incident was not worth the possibility of a major social disturbance that could certainly result from heavey handed action. They probably would need the PDX rapid response team in full riot gear to push the issue.
I would assume that alot of pressure will be put on that group of people by next weekend. I'am sure they were down there taking photos, and will probably be pulling people off the street. next weekend would probably be a good time to take some precuations and head down there with a video camera or still photo camera with a flash, if one would want to do some cop watching.
history suggests that the police will not back down, but attack in a organized and strategic fashion. if people want to defend marginilized youth against police assults, go down next weekend, maybe you'll get a chance.

Valley residents urge Kroeker for LAPD chief 14.Aug.2002 09:58


The next LAPD chief should be a strong leader committed to community policing and tough on crime, San Fernando Valley residents said during a special meeting Thursday.

But, mostly, they said the chief should be Mark Kroeker, the former Los Angeles police deputy chief and now Portland's top cop.

Full story:




Violence = Beautiful...Really? 14.Aug.2002 15:14


Beautiful? Really? - so if I am to understand this... violence against police and authorities (or anyone else for that matter) is ok, even to be applauded? Frankly this story sounds a little made up - most likely the favorite wet dream of some wannabe anarchist, jobless, homeless, skateboard slacker who wants to strike out against "the man". With this kind of attitude toward the police, is it any wonder that from time to time they return in kind? From either "side" it's wrong, but glorification like this only serves to point out the rampant hypocrisy prevalant in those whose blind obedience to ready-made, KBOO, anti-establishment rhetoric blinds them to common sense and a sense of decency and respect independent of political idealogy.