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Try the State Legislature If You Want "Stunningly Irresponsible"

Quoting an article in the snOregonian about Gov. Kitzhaber's plan to veto the proposed red-ink budget: "'I have two words: stunningly irresponsible,' said Rep. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, the House deputy majority leader." Yes, Mr. Knopp, that describes you very well.
Stunningly irresponsible? How about a state legislature that is so entranced with their own political maneuvers, they care nothing about voter voice or fiscal accountability? That they're such dedicated public servants, they can't recall bills they've sponsored?

Stunningly irresponsible? How about awarding $200million to OHSU after voters rejected a bid for $10 million about 3 months before? That's $200 million to OHSU at a cost of over $300million to Oregonians. That's money that could have been allotted to education or *real* healthcare. Count it.

[  http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=11072 ]

Conversely, where was the state legislature when Kitzhaber was fighting to keep OHP coverage levels high? Missing in Action.

[  http://www.governor.state.or.us/governor/press/p020423.htm ]

Major news media's campaign to smear anyone who doesn't donate to their "cause" via advertising dollars, or alliances with those who do, is nothing short of disgusting. "Stunningly irresponsible" doesn't even begin to describe the collusion of media and politicians interested only in power and money.

If you want "stunningly irresponsible," throw a rock. It'll miss Gov. John Kitzhaber by miles.
Who's on deck? 09.Aug.2002 20:52

Lazy Faire

No doubt this legislature has done great damage to our state. No doubt the Governor has been able to save a few small pieces. No doubt this Governor can take a principled stand. --- It just always seems so reactive and never timed quite right.
But the real question is whether his chosen successor will stand up and support him, or shrink into the shadows of fiscal and social evasion.