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corporate dominance

Sam Buck has been served a summons by Starbucks

Samantha Buck was served a summons today by Starbucks. She is required to respond within 20 days to Starbuck's demand that she change the name of her shop or face legal prosecution.
Samantha's Portland lawyers have told her that she needs to produce $5000 to initiate the legal batttle. Sam neeeds assistance, both material and emotional. A few of us in Astoria are starting to plan a benefit, and hope to show the film LIFE AND DEBT IN JAMAICA by Stephanie Black, at a locally-owned moviehouse. Anyone interested in helping Sam buck Starbuck's in any way please call Samantha Buck at (503)338-5459, or contact Sue Skinner at(503)325-1935.
Take them on ! 09.Aug.2002 13:51

Troy Prouty*

Samantha - Take them on and file against them. They have no ground to stand on.

Good Luck and Starbucks is biting off more then they can chew !

Troy Prouty*

I'm Willing to Help... 09.Aug.2002 16:28

Varro avarhola@integraonline.com

I've contacted Sam Buck offering legal assistance; I have advised other clients on trademark infringement/dilution matters before, particularly cartoon artists doing parody and transformative works of established characters.

I'll be willing to either work with her counsel or represent her, whatever she wants.

How about this? 10.Aug.2002 20:55

Service worker

Maybe Sam should change the name on the sign to "Anti Corporate Coffee" as I suggested in an earlier thread on this subject and possibly retain the basic design of the Scarbucks logo and people would probobly get the message. Support local independently owned coffee shops would be a good thing to put up on a sign too. It sounds like it would be an expensive legal battle to fight the scumbags as they have unlimited money to fight her in court. Maybe people could picket outside lots of Scarbucks locations in her behalf. Maybe all this will help lead to the downfall of the Scarbucks empire!Go Sam!

Starbucks Protest in PDX, Friday Aug.16 12.Aug.2002 00:55

Friends of Samantha, SE Portland Chapter fellowtraveler@riseup.net

Mark your calendar: This Friday, August 16, there will be a protest outside the Starbucks in Pioneer Courthouse Square to show solidarity with Samantha Buck of Astoria.

Full details here:

I would love to see 12.Aug.2002 10:35

troy prouty*

Groups from Seattle and Portland go to the Starbucks at Fred Meyer outside Astoria and protest and not let anyone through..

Imagine hundreds !!

Pleas everyone write to Starbucks and tell them "NO", please write Fred Meyers and explain that you refuse business at Fred Meyers because or Starbucks and then call Safeway and do the same !

It is time to put more action into this !!

Troy Prouty*

www.sambuckscoffeehouse.com 23.Jan.2003 15:09

Q Madp q@qfocal.com

Support Sam!!! www.sambuckscoffeehouse.com If you have any news/articles that I don't have posted, please forward them to me. Thanks!! Tonya Hot Sauce & Jail Blazer Jam http://www.pdxhotlix.com

FREE MARKETS ???? 10.Sep.2004 04:33

Tom (Kate's Bro)

The Coffee at Sam Buck's is better than Starbuck's--and less expensive too! The service seems to really care, without putting on aires. A better product, a better price, better service; perhaps the wanna be monopoly from Seattle is worried that the free market will go with Sam's!

Stars! 08.Jan.2006 14:23


Okay, Starbucks is way past any concept of reason and must be totally paranoid to think that Sam Buck and her little coffeshop is some sort of threat to its mega enterprise that, IMO, serves mediocre coffee at best.
Buck Knives should sue Starbucks, Herman Melville should sue Starbucks for stealing the name of his character Starbuck in the classic Moby Dick.
God should punish Starbuck's for using the name "Star."

Sam, I'm with ya. Wish I could help financially, but right now no can do, but I say Eff em. Starbucks will never get a dime from me.