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Subversive Pillow Theatre in Eugene

Subversive Pillow Theatre rocks out at Cozmic Pizza at 1433 Willamette in Eugene. Every Sunday night at 9 PM.
In August we're showing:

Sunday, Aug. 11: A Presentation From The Anti-Capitalist Convergence
Members from the Washington-DC faction of the Anti-Capitalist Convergence (ACC), an anti-authoritarian organization dedicated to making the word uncomfortable for capitalists, will do a presentation about the "People's Strike" - an upcoming effort to disrupt the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings planned for October in DC. They will discuss the importance of recognizing the connections between local issues and global issues, and the importance of building a broad-based movement of resistance that is capable of defeating the institutions that monopolize the world's resources, and profit from the exploitation of people and nature. Also, we will show short films about anti-capitalism and the anti-globalization movement. We will be asking for a donation of a couple of dollars for this event. All proceeds will go to the traveling costs of the ACC, and to the legal defense of various activists who are facing charges for their participation in mass protests. THIS EVENT WILL BEGIN AT 8PM.

This film is about Brazil's "MR-8", a Marxist guerrilla group - made up primarily of young students - that formed during the Vietnam war to fight against capitalist imperialism and Brazil's military dictatorship. The MR-8 abducted an American Ambassador in Brazil and used the Ambassador as a hostage in order to pressure the Brazilian government into releasing the country's political prisoners. This film depicts what led these young people to become involved in armed struggle, the tensions that naturally arise with that form of struggle, and the horrors perpetrated by the Brazilian government against dissidents.

Sunday, Aug.25: EL NORTE
El Norte is the dramatic story of two Mayan Indians, a brother & sister, who flee from Guatemala to escape persecution from the military. They leave their homeland with hopes of being able to come to the USA to live the "American Dream", only to find out that it's not all that it's cracked up to be, and that anti-Indian racism is widespread in America. This film covers three stages of the lives of these two Mayans: The first stage is the break- down of the community and the imposition of colonial rule. The second stage is the process of immigration. And the third stage is the process of assimilation into the dominant culture - a culture that feeds off of people it considers disposable.

This event is always free, though you may want to bring some cash to buy pizza, soda, or beer (the bar will be open).

Subversive Pillow Theater is at 9:15 pm (with some exceptions, see above) every Sunday night at Cosmic Pizza, located at 1433 Willamette.