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News from Wild Rockies Earth First!

Updates from Wild Rockies Earth First! in Montana/Idaho:
Treesitter in Montana arrested, activist jailed, needs support!
More help is needed--finish out the summer in the wild rockies!
The up and coming "new and improved" salvage rider...Craig/Wyden's "Forest Restoration and Protection Act of 2002" will not protect, or restore...
Action Update: August 9, 2002
Hey Folks,
It has been a busy week here in the Wild Rockies
for us. On Tuesday, after maintaining 24 hour security
shifts for 14 days, officers with the U.S.Forest Service and the Ravalli
County Sheriffs finally decided to remove Fireweed from her tree. They brought in a cherry picker to get her out of the tree. Fireweed (Rebecca) used a
lock box to attach herself to the ponderosa pine. The officers then
proceeded to cut off the top of the tree while she was in it. After that was done they lifted her out of the tree and arrested her. She and Joel had
prevented the contractors for the Big Bull timber sale from building a
helicopter pad on Rye Creek for the last month. On Wednesday Rebecca was
arraigned in federal court and charged with maintaining an unauthorized
structure on forest service land, violating the 14 day camping limit, interfering with an officer in the performance of his official duties, and creating a hazard. She was released latter that afternoon from jail.
On Monday, Molly Karp was arrested on a warrant
for allegedly violating her conditions of release by the
Missoula County Sheriffs. During a hearing on the matter another court date was
set to determine if she in fact had violated the conditions of release.
Molly is currently in the Missoula County Jail and would appreciate any
letters you can send to her.
Send mail to Molly Karp, Missoula County Jail,
2340 Mullan Rd, Missoula, MT
We are still seeking a new house and our move
out date is fast approaching, please help us if you know of any
place we could rent or stay at.

As you may have read Senator Ron Wyden and
Senator Larry Craig are
now sponsoring a horrible salvage rider for the
Northern Rockies. This bill would protect some old growth forest on the west
of the cascades in exchange for releasing 25 million acres to
logging in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. The Wyden/Craig. "Forest Restoration
and Protection Act of 2002" is a bad deal for Idaho, eastern Oregon and
eastern Washington. This legislation will:

1."Expedite," which means railroad, any logging
sale anywhere if it can be
claimed to be "hazardous fuels reduction."
2.Create a 15-member "Collaborative Review Board"
(CRB) - with four timber
members for each conservation member - to review
logging sales on more than
25 million acres. Votes will be by 2/3 majority.
3. Eliminate any public appeals based on
environmental laws and regulations
for projects approved by the CRB.
4.Force citizens to proceed directly to judicial
courts, eliminate
preliminary injunctions to halt logging, and
mandate "the Forest Service
carries a court presumption in their favor if the
project has been reviewed
by the CRB," which makes it virtually impossible
to challenge.
5. Three years ago there were almost 100 logging
projects in Idaho that the
Forest Service stopped because of environmental
problems with water
quality, endangered species or Roadless Areas.
This law could revive all
of them and put them on a fast track.

Please write AND call Senator Wyden today and
tell him that you oppose the
proposal to trade protection of west side old
growth for increased logging
of east side forests. To read the Wyden/Craig
bill visit Senator Wyden's
web site at:
Please call his DC office at 202-224-5244. It is
very important that the
Senator hears from you!
We are continuing our work for the Bitterroot
and against the
governments plan to use restoration as the smoke
screen for massive logging
projects. We need your help please contact us and
get involved. We are a
small group, the Northern Rockies, need more
activist committed to
defending them. Why not spend the rest of the
summer opposing the
U.S.Forest Service in the Bitterroots. As always
we can used donations of
cash, coffee, tea, bulk dried foods, climbing
gear, and your time.
Wild Rockies EF!
P.O.Box 1742
Missoula, MT 59806

Wild Rockies Earth First!
PO Box 1742
Missoula, MT 59806
(406) 549-886
Stop tree-hugging 10.Aug.2002 12:45

lowonhope dbhrdNO@SPAMhotmailAT.ALLcom

Stop, just stop. Although saving a tree may be a worthy cause chaining yourself only alienates the people who you are trying to influence, and reinforces stereotypes of "tree-hugging activists" Did you know there is a hole generation growing up that don't like activists? They don't want to be bother with signs in their faces and people chained to objects, chanting away incomprehensible things. They think you are all crazy, why would anyone leave the comfort of their PS2 and SUV's to do this?. You have to relate to people.

As far as this act goes, how many people do you think you influenced? People reading the news article who might think the same way you do are less likely to do something to help the cause now, because you look like a lunatic. If you think you're going to be able to get the news to same something in your favor, think again. The more extreme you are the more you will discredit your cause.

Talk to people, relate to them, show them the superiority of your ideas and they well do the same for others. Outcasts can't do this, and this is where it looks like you are now.

Also, if you're going to get yourself arrested, why not find a pro-bono lawyer and find an issue for civil disobedience? Your jailtime served no one. There are plenty of unconstitutional laws on the books that need to be repealed.

Would you rather have 1000 activists chained to trees or 100,000 who will talk to their congressman?

not impressed 10.Aug.2002 20:01


Well, I can tell you that I'm not impressed nor am I now interested more in their cause. This argument is so full of holes its ridiculous. I am having a hard time buying it. I love nature, I have spent a large portion of my life in the outdoors, camping, hiking, backpacking, taking survival classes for various climates. It is a great place to be and I would hate to see it taken away. But I have also spent many years fighting wildland fires. This has hardened my belief that thinning out the various forests, within reason of course, is needed. Too much undergrowth, too many trees, this is leading to countless fires of large porportions. Is this idea factored into the "save the tree" idea? Just a curious reader.

Fires? 10.Aug.2002 20:44


One of the problems is when the Forest Service decides how conditions favorable for fires are reduced,instead of removing the components of the forest that will burn,such as trees growing too densely together and fuels under trees that ladder fire up into the canopy,they end up removing the big trees which are resistant to fires. If they only removed the ladder fuels,most enviornmentalists would be perfectly OK with that. Fire reduction should be done as restoration contracts,not timber sale contracts that encourage the timber industry to want to cut big trees which are more profitable than thinning densely packed forests in plantations. Now with all the fires this summer,the next push from industry and the Forest Service will be for salvage logging,and more logging in general under the guise of fuels reduction. I feel the forest Service needs to focus on thinning within plantations that actually need fuels reduction,not timber sale contracts that allow big trees to be cut too. Study your fire ecology issues and you will see all this is true.

Hug Those Trees!!!! 10.Aug.2002 22:50

swaneagle harijan frontlinemom@yahoo.com

Those people who have developed the skills to climb, hug and live in the precious endangered trees inspire beyond imagination. The poor SUV drivers need to be activated by courage and the extraordinary. Those who do step out beyond the norm due to the high state of emergency existing on the planet are to be commended and immitated immediately!

Julia Butterfly gave hope to millions around the world. Such outrageoussness that ultimately makes high level sense is capable of moving slaves to a killing lifestyle throw it aside. It must be done. Try it yourself.

reply to "lowonhope" 11.Aug.2002 00:08


I'd definitely rather have 1000 activists chained to trees than 100,000 who talk to their congressmen. Take for example the roadless area regulations that the bush administration is working on right now. Public comments AGAINST building roads in roadless areas were 97% to 3%. Almost no one wanted roads, and this topic got more comments than any other in the history of the forest service. how did the administration react? by saying that there weren't enough comments to make a decision. bullshit !! the system doesn't usually work, lowonhope. sometimes the only way to save trees is by sitting in them. if we had a thousand tree-sits in this country, it would have a much bigger effect than 100,000 people talking to congress. think of the huge story it would be. everyone would talk about it. it would provide the best chance for public dialogue we've ever had. direct action gets the goods, man, and these valliant forest defenders are some of the most beautiful and loving people i've ever had the pleasure of meeting. yeah, i'd LOVE to see 1000 of them.

Wildland Fire Cause! 03.Mar.2004 03:36

Roger Stanislaw islaw@wmonline.com

History, my friends, will explain causes and remedies. If one searches for knowledge of the West, he or she need only to go back for notes and diaries of those that came before. The entire Western, Rocky Mountain region, during the period between Lewis and Clark to the General Crook establishment of Fort Apache, was litterally endowed with magnificent timbered forest, abundant game and "grass so deep that it touches a horses belly". There is a singular and specific reason for that drastic decline!!! GRAZING PERMITS As grasses become abundant, periodic lighting causes grass fires, which not only use up forest litter, they destroy dense young pine growth. It still would be incumbant on the USFS to manage that burn, to preserve old growth from both fire and logging. This random fuel reduction results in improved habitat for small and large game. By stopping the USFS (United States Forest Service) from issuing permits for any grazing on public lands whatsoever, we can start turning the clock back on the remaining wilderness wildlands. It must be noted here, that Ranchers are killing the Wild Burro and even Elk, needlessly to support more free feed for their cattle. Rather than chain my body to a tree, I would attempt to publicly agonize the Cattleman"s Associations for their WELFARE ABUSE of public lands. It should also occur to forest activists to chastise the USFS openly and often for their complicity in the forest disasters occuring in the WEST. I weathered 2 of the largest fires here in Arizona (Rodeo/Chediski) at home, and have been aware of the aforementioned parasitic practices of Cattle Ranchers and the doublespeak they put forth as the primary cause of Western Wildfires. Don't be fooled or waste precious energy and time doing carnival stunts (tree sitting), if you have the capability to really do some serious change and be optimistic about your chance of success. RS