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Is The Empire About Oil? (FTW.com)

Second attempt......

IS THE EMPIRE ABOUT OIL? Some critics have steadfastly argued that the events of 9-11 and since have nothing to do with oil but rather with containment of Russia. By ignoring the obvious and resorting to personal attacks they have missed the obvious. FTW's Dale Allen Pfeiffer, a geologist, puts things in perspective on the eve of a major war in the Middle East.

homepage: homepage: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/080802_oil_empire.html

Ok I give up 09.Aug.2002 01:08


I'm supposed to be a fearless 4lph4 geek l33t and all that, but I bow down to the all mighty PHP script -- can't post the body of the article. Where do I file a bug report? <s>