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Get Involved in Natural Building

Information about upcoming natural building work parties
Hey all you straw bale fans!

Today we had an incredible work party. Huge thanks to Todd, Deanna, Megan, Shawn, Ken, Michele, Michael, Jennifer, and Megan for all their help. We have covered almost every inch of the building with a beautiful coat of plaster. The project is really coming together, thanks to all have been part of it so far!

We have several more dates set for work parties - mark your calendars and come on over to SE 20th and Woodward!

Sunday, August 11 - noon to 6pm - Work begins on the eco-roof! We'll be finishing the plywood part of the roof and planning future eco-roof work parties. Carpenters welcome! Step ladders and circular saws will come in handy too!

Monday, August 12 - 2pm to 6pm - Finish plasterwork and begin exterior details.

Thursday, August 15 - 2pm to 6pm - Continue exterior detail work.

Please call or email if you have any questions about the project or the work parties. Hope to see you all soon!

- Saskia

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