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Corporate News Reports that 'Contrails are Changing the Climate'

A short reply to the "contrails changing climate" report on CTV, CBC, and many major U.S. news stations.
Please consider this important information as an alternative explanation to
Environment Canada's "contrail" report.

It is impossible that all of this "contrail" formation comes from passenger
planes. I, and thousands of others (including pilots, air traffic
controllers, and avid sky watchers) have witnessed what appear to be aerial
spraying operations -- sometimes with up to 5 planes in the same area of the
sky flying in formation.

These instances do not reflect normal passenger jet activity, nor do the
"contrails" act as regular ice crystal cirrus formations. The haze produced
during these aerial spraying operations lingers for days -- first as
cirrostratus-like blankets, then as a thin mist coating the sky white. I
have over 5 hours of video documenting this strange activity.

What, then, is a possible explanation? Please carefully read this
information and offer it to the public as a possible alternative explanation
for the ridiculous report that "contrails are heating the climate"!! It's
much more complicated than the (pseudo) "scientific" explanations given by
NASA (in part, one of the many public relations bodies of the U.S.
military-industrial complex) and Environment Canada.

Please consider these sources:


1.Hamilton Independent Media Centre: [many, many sources (including
pictures, video, patents, links and more) found in this article]

Heavy Aerosol Spraying Activity Over Hamilton Area Documented by IMC
Hamilton Journalists


2. CBC News:

Ontario town worried about U.S. military flights


3. CBS News:

Cooling The Planet


4. U.S. Patent #5,003,186:

Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for the Reduction of Global Warming

5. Submission to the 1997 International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies by
Edward Teller, founder of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL):

Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of
Global Change


6. Computer modeling of the geoengineering scheme done by Ken Caldeira at
the Atmospheric Science Division at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory:

Geoengineering the Earth's Radiation Balance to Mitigate CO2-induced Climate


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POST THIS EVERYWHERE!! 08.Aug.2002 22:56


send this information everywhere! it must surface!

Bogus Reports 09.Aug.2002 06:56

chimps are smatter than men

Chemtrails Are What They Are 09.Aug.2002 06:56


To those who would debunk chemtrails: it sure is interesting to note that, previous to about three years ago, such "contrails" were not to be seen. I've been watching REAL contrails all my life- thin, whispy lines that dissipate within a minute. What I've been seeing over my city since 1998 is far different.

It's always a sure sign that something is afoul when, while watching a "spraying", the spray comes to an abrupt halt, simply because the plane has finished off it's load. I've seen it, and pointed it out to others, who then experienced an epiphany of sorts.

But, the capper is the distinct ABSENCE of chemtrails over my city for 3-4 months now. Yet, the same air traffic continues. After years of a having a fine mist gradually fill the air day after day, it's nothing but clear, blue skies.

If you've read through the information presented above, you'll know that the patents for this procedure have been discovered, and that air traffic-controllers have confirmed a "large-scale military exercise" that often hampers their ability to do their job.

A great many photos exist of KC-130 tanker planes spraying up a storm, and it can clearly be seen that the spray is coming from the tail of the planes, and not the wing-mounted engines. Attempts to explain this away have amounted to nothing but jibberish.

Flail away, debunkers, and make sure to use all the right jargon, like "conspiracy theory", Art Bell", "X-Files", and so on. And, make sure you avoid arguing the nuts-and-bolts of this phenomena. You wouldn't want to slip up and give those "conspiracy theorists" any more ammunition than they already have.