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Open Forum on Democracy

An open facilitated forum on the political process and the future of democracy in the USA is scheduled for October 13th, 7-9PM at the Portland Conference Center. All are welcome. There are no designated speakers. Seating is circular, and all are invited to participate.
Democracy in the United States is changing and so is the way it's perceived both at home and abroad. Many Americans perceive it as a birthright. Others wonder what is done in its name. The current political and social climate gives us pause to consider issues fundamental to our democratic ideals such as security, civil rights, war, foreign involvement, and corporate responsibility.

In the wake of so many rapid changes, it's an appropriate time to explore together our ideals and visions for the future of democracy. It's a time for those representing a broad spectrum of political opinion and commitment to consider with others their questions and visions. And it's a time to encourage an atmosphere of community, i.e., "deep democracy," where all points of view can find a voice so that our awareness may be raised as we enter the voting season and beyond. This forum offers a time and the space for these to happen.

All are welcome!

For information call: 503-234-3649

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