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Plans for Protests October 6-7

upcoming plans
To everyone who has supported, endorsed and written to us about the
Not in Our Name Project:

This is to let all of you know that exciting plans are in the works for
fall. We hope you will be part of developing them and making them happen.

In the months since the NION Project began, the U.S. government has
continued full speed with military actions and interventions, with
Iraq in the immediate cross-hairs; targeting Muslim, Arab and South
immigrants; and shredding civil liberties in this country, including
moves to set up a civilian spy network. At the same time, more
people are questioning and beginning to raise their voices in
protest. The emails hat come in daily to the Not in Our Name Project
attest to this. But the movement of resistance is not nearly
commensurate yet with the scope f the attacks.

Plans for Protests October 6-7

To further strengthen, expand and build resistance to what the U.S.
government is doing in our name, the Not in Our Name Project is
calling for actions of protest and resistance to mark the one-year
anniversary of the beginning of the bombing of Afghanistan.

On Sunday, Oct. 6, the day before the anniversary of the bombing,
mass actions are being planned for major cities, bringing together
tens of thousands of people who together will take the Not in Our
Name Pledge of Resistance. They will declare their opposition to the
government's course and pledge to resist - and stop - this war on
the world, the detentions and roundups of immigrants and the
escalating police state restrictions in this country. The events
will send a message to the people of the world that George Bush does
not speak or act for all the American people. There will also be
events in cities and communities for those not able to travel to
regional actions. Artistic expressions of protest, flags with the
globe, outpourings of diverse sections of people, and the
determination of youth for a better world will mark the events. Then
on Monday, Oct. 7, the Pledge of Resistance will be further spread
through actions at government buildings and other appropriate
locations, on campuses, in the streets.

In NYC, a bold and ambitious mass protest is being planned for
Central Park on Oct. 6. Events are also being planned on the west
coast and communities elsewhere. See www.notinourname.net for more
details. (The NION website is currently being updated and
re-designed. Check it often. It soon will also have a "start-up
kit" for people who want to organize around the Not in Our Name
Project and the Pledge of Resistance.)

Funds Urgently Needed

We are urging everyone who receives this email to make a generous
financial contribution to the national Not in Our Name office. The
NYC Metropolitan Branch of the Women's International League for
Peace and Freedom is sharing its office with us; they have been
extremely supportive and have been carrying the costs of office
upkeep and computer maintenance. The office has been essential for
developing ties with organizations and coalitions across the
country, for responding to your email and phone requests, and for
staying in touch with NION networks nationally. Our small volunteer
staff continues to be outstripped by the needs, and we know the
requests, the calls and emails will continue to grow.

To meet these needs and expand our work to get out the NION Project
and Pledge more broadly across the country, we must raise major
funds to pay for our share of office rent, phone, fax and computer
expenses, and for organizing materials that we want to offer on our
website. We can only do this with YOUR financial assistance. We
urge you to consider a donation of $100 or more. Checks should be
made out to NION/IFCO.

Please send your tax-deductible contributions to
339 Lafayette Street
NY, NY 10012.

As the NION Pledge of Resistance states:
"Another world is possible and we pledge to make it real."

The NION staff