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Study Links Media Violence with Mean Kids

how media and "entertainment" trains kids to be mean
I was recently talking to someone who told me that her 16 year old step-son has a video game (she could not recall the name of it) in which one object of the game is to pick up women who are walking the streets (as in prostituting), and kill them! What kind of shocking propoganda is this!?

A search on google led me to a game called: "Grand Theft Auto 3", which may be what she was referring to. Here's what the object of the "game" is:

"Your first mission is to find a guy who's menacing a nightclub owner's girls, then beat him to death, steal his car, repaint it and hide it. It gets better. You can steal anything that runs on four wheels. You can slam into innocent bystanders. You can pick up a prostitute, buy sex from her, kill her and steal your money back ..."

of course, there are many games on the market that promote violence. Here's an article linking media violence to mean kids.

Study Links Media Violence with Mean Kids
Thu Aug 8, 7:45 PM ET
By Steve Gorman

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Watching lots of violence on television and playing violent video games not only makes kids more physically aggressive, it makes them meaner and more distrustful, researchers said in a study released on Thursday.

The findings add a troubling new dimension to an existing body of research linking violence in the media with overtly violent behavior in children and adults, said David Walsh, co-author of the new study and head of the National Institute on Media and the Family.

The report found a correlation between kids' exposure to high levels of TV and video-game violence and what researchers called "relational aggression" -- behavior that includes name-calling, threats and rumor mongering.

In addition, these same children were more likely to view others with the greatest amount of suspicion, the study said.

"Long before kids throw a punch or pick up a weapon, they're probably treating kids in a relationally aggressive way," Walsh told Reuters in a telephone interview. "This is the kind of thing that becomes the breeding ground for more overtly violent behavior as these kids get older."

The six-month study was based on evaluations of 219 Minnesota children in the third, fourth and fifth grades, taken from a combination of public and private schools in urban, suburban and rural areas, Walsh said.

The youngsters filled out surveys of their TV viewing and video-game habits, and were evaluated by their own teachers and peers in terms of how well they get along with others. They also took a standardized test used to rate individuals' level of trust and suspicion of others.

Children rated the most ill-behaved reported more exposure to overall media violence and a greater preference for violence than other youngsters. They also played more video games and tended to favor more violence in those games, the study found.

These trends increased with the age of the children, the study found.

"They become desensitized and watch more," Walsh said. "Concerns about a growing culture of 'incivility' in society may be starting with our children."

The study was conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, St. Mary's University at Minneapolis and the Minneapolis-based National Institute on Media and the Family, a nonprofit media watchdog that issues an annual report card on video and computer games.

Walsh said the study was presented to an international behavioral development conference Aug. 6 in Ottawa, Canada.
another shocking 'game' 08.Aug.2002 19:11


time to protest these "games". this is something that many people would be interested in getting involved with.

The Game That Goes Too Far


"The most politically incorrect video game ever made. Run through the ghetto blasting away various blacks and spics in an attempt to gain entrance to the subway system, where the jews have hidden to avoid the carnage. Then, if YOU'RE lucky ... you can blow away jews as they scream 'Oy Vey!' on your way to their command center."

The above quote comes from the website of Resistance Records, a production company that has made a computer game for the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group with headquarters in West Virginia. It refers to Ethnic Cleansing, the first 3D reality neo-Nazi computer video game to go on sale on the web.

As a player, you take the role of either a Ku Klux Klan member fully dressed in the white robe or a "skinhead" intent on killing as many minorities as possible. Your ultimate goal is to enter the command center and exterminate the final villain, a weapon-toting Ariel Sharon, the prime minister of Israel. Along the way, you find blacks wearing T-shirts that say, "Big Nig," and when you kill them with your rifle, you hear the sounds of monkeys or what Resistance Records refers to as "realistic Negro sounds." You can also kill Mexicans and Hasidic Jews, and on Resistance Records' website, National Alliance members and fans are itching to acquire additional features for the game so they can kill "news reporters and [Asians]."

This game is disgustingly racist. I couldn't care less if the National Alliance wanted to distribute this game to its members privately. And I certainly don't care that these National Alliance fanatics (Ku Klux Klan members and the rest) prance around like idiots promoting hate. But the game becomes a problem when it appears for sale on a website where any child can purchase it for $14.88 and spend endless hours learning about hate.

William Pierce, head of the National Alliance, compared the video game to the Playstation 2 game, Grand Theft Auto, in which "players steal cars, machine-gun policemen, and beat up prostitutes after having sex with them."

I have played Grand Theft Auto, and everything Pierce describes is true about the game. But there is a major difference between it and Ethnic Cleansing -- the latter propagandizes racism. In Grand Theft Auto, you run around shooting police officers and running people over in tanks, but you don't pass signs that say "Resist! Join the Revolution!" You also don't hear Pierce preaching white power in the background, and you don't hear dying Hasidic Jews saying, "Oy vey," or hear screeching monkeys after shooting African-Americans. A commercial promoting the game on Resistance Records' website has men conversing over loud rap music that is the result of "a nigger problem." If this isn't propaganda for hate, I don't know what is. But all we can really attempt to do is prevent disgusting filth such as Ethnic Cleansing from being distributed.

The National Alliance is not trying to hide the game's violence, but as Pierce says in a story by Paul Eng of ABCNews, "Our games are not for the purpose of sponsoring hatred. They're to give white kids a sense of hope, a sense that they can fight back."

But how can he claim this game doesn't sponsor hatred? It is hate's ultimate fundraiser. People pay $14.88 for a game that was made cheaply and easily using a new graphics engine called Genesis 3D. In turn, Resistance Records and the National Alliance swim in profits as Genesis 3D's parent company, Wild Tangent, stands dumbfounded that their program was used for anything but casino and love games.

I don't blame Wild Tangent for making a program that allows otherwise inept computer programmers to design competitive games for the public. Nevertheless, it has suddenly opened the door for uneducated National Alliance members to spread their hate messages. And the message in Ethnic Cleaning is abundantly clear: something has to be done about the minorities in this country, and Ku Klux Klan members are the ones to wipe them out.

It's scary. Because for the National Alliance, who better to be the next generation of neo-Nazis than the youth of America? Students can learn about hatred on computers in dorm rooms, or worse yet, on computer terminals in elementary schools.