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Mike Ruppert Moving to Oregon

Attention all Oregon, Washington. Idaho, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona FTW Subscribers:

FTW intends to move to the Eugene, OR area by October or November at the latest.
We foresee troubled times ahead for the nation and we want to relocate to Oregon - ASAP. Los Angeles has proved hazardous to our health and we don't expect it to get any better. We don't have a ton of money but we think we can pay our way. We're asking your help in finding a place and with the logistics of this task - especially moving.

All together twelve people will be relocating. We are firm in our selection of the Eugene area because of a large support group and because there is high speed Internet access which is essential for our business. We need assistance with the following:


We don't all have to live on the same piece of property although that is one option as long as there are at least three or four separate residences on the property. Under this scenario we would like to locate property in a rural area with a main house for my residence and the FTW offices. This must have at least 3,000 square ft. Other residences, apartments on the property should have two bedrooms, minimum. The other scenario is that we locate me and the FTW offices and all of the staff locates their own places.

If just one house on a large lot is located we can afford up to $2,000 lease/rental payment. If there are other residences on the property that can be sublet we can afford to go higher accordingly. We do need to be on a large lot or have acreage, but it would be a real plus (one of our people is a horse trainer).


We anticipate the costs of the move to be very expensive in that we are moving five households, plus the office. Anyone who has access to very large trucks or semis or who can assist with the move can be of enormous help. We're counting every penny and we feel that time is of the essence.

Thank you deeply.

Michael C. Ruppert

homepage: homepage: http://www.copvcia.com

If we can help... 09.Aug.2002 04:34


Hi guys,
got in touch with you once about contributing to your cause through a paypal (paypal.com) transfer... the reply back then was that only credit cards can be used at fromthewilderness.com ; if this changes in the future then count me in to contribute a few dozen dollars... especially in those times and for such an important task as securing yourself and family. 'suppose every little bit counts.

greetings from europe (and keep up the *great* site),

FTW contact info 09.Aug.2002 11:13


I don't know how feasible this is from Europe, but here's the contact info and PO Box off the copvcia.com site:

P.O. Box 6061-350
Sherman Oaks, CA
(818) 788-8791

Thanx for the kind words from Europe!

Donation options 09.Aug.2002 14:48


Here is a link for paypal donations (please specify that donation is for the FTW move):

Send checks or money orders to:

P.O. Box 6061-350
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

866-222-7693 Toll Free
Office Hours: M-F 9am - 5pm pst

Thanks for your help!

Andrea Shepherd
From The Wilderness Publications