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BUSH KNEW: fake mainstream news eroding

Bush et al. lied and now it's finally going mainstream big time.
It's only a matter of time ... The Shrub and his illegitimate counterparts are running as mainstream news jumps more censorship hurdles and reveals more about WHAT happened and WHO knew BEFORE September 11.


"The co-chairmen of a joint House and Senate panel looking into the intelligence shortcomings - foolishly succumbing to pressure from the White House - called in the bureau to find the source of leaks to the press about a conversation overheard by the National Security Administration on Sept. 10 that indicated something was in the works for the next day. News of the intercept, which wasn't analyzed by the super secret NSA until Sept. 12, had been reported on several occasions. Just the exact phrasing of the conversation in Arabic was undisclosed until recently."

Say, I'm an intelligent American. Do you *really* expect me to believe the world's most elite spy agency with an almost inexhaustible amount of resources took 48 hours (Sept. 10-12) to translate intercepted messages when NSA suspected said messages had to do with terrorists domestically hijacking commercial planes and acting within 48 hours? I DON'T THINK SO. NSA effectively intercepted the messages by both working and coordinating with the CIA, etc., had the messages translated and immediately sent to the Shrub's desk in less than a few hours I'll wager ON SEPT. 10 OR EARLIER. Bush and the war-mongering bastards (honest NSA/CIA agents bound by oaths of secrecy excluded) wanted WAR.

FAA and AWACS systems knew in advance. Bush the stupid idiot (~90 I.Q.!) aided by his smart, sneaky advisers quietly blocked the scrambled military fighter jets' interception of the planes-turned-missiles at WTC/D.C. and then lied about it to the world. (Go troops! The honorable pilots had to stand down [except against Flight 93 over rural Pennsylvania but that's another story] because they were ordered to--a few hundred lives or several thousand lives? Tough call but not theirs to make.) WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Get over your rejection and denial NOW or suffer the consequences at the hands of the rest of cognizant world. Bu$h you rat bastard, you're going to fry. Wait 'till the ICC officially gets wind of this!

-NW ~Rest in peace to the friends I lost on 9/11/01. The truth will get out and you will not be forgotten.

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