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This from the Oregon AFL-CIO. Portland's rally this Monday is in solidarity with other port actions up and down the west coast.
Weekly Update: Volume 4, #32
August 7, 2002

Solidarity on the Waterfront: Daschle to Join Rally for ILWU on Monday,
August 12. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle will join Secretary of
State Bill Bradbury, Senator Ron Wyden and state and local labor leaders
for a press conference and rally in support of ILWU's negotiations with
the Pacific Maritime Association:

Date: Monday, August 12

Time: Noon to 1:00 PM

Place: ILWU Local 8 Hall
2435 NW Front Ave.

address: address: currently in oregon, state of jefferson resident

ILWU Support Action In Seattle 08.Aug.2002 13:23


This forwarded by Kim Marks, Alliance For Sustainable Jobs And The Environment Board Member (and super activist!):

Federal troops on the docks?

The Bush administration has formed a secret White House Task Force to consider federal intervention in West Coast longshore negotiations.

They're considering bringing in the military to operate our ports. Administration sources say they may preempt any action by the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU), using the National Guard to operate the docks until the union is forced to agree to contract terms.

The Bush administration and the employers are trying to exploit concerns about national security and a fragile economy. They want to use these concerns as an excuse to attack one of the nation's strongest and most progressive unions.

The ILWU has been there for the community: shutting down the docks to protest WTO, refusing to unload toxic materials at the Port of Seattle, working with community and environmental groups to fight for both a strong economy and strong environmental standards. Now we need to return that support.



Monday, August 12th in Seattle

2:30 pm - Barbecue at Pier 37

(Alaskan Way at Royal Brougham, near Safeco Field)

4:30 pm - March north on Alaskan Way

5:00 pm - Rally at Pier 66 Cruise Terminal

Supported by: ILWU, AFL-CIO, King County Labor Council, Pierce County Central Labor Council, Jobs with Justice, Community Labor Environmental Alliance

visiting oregon/from state of jefferson

& in the San Francisco bay area (Oakland).. 08.Aug.2002 13:34


Demand Bush Stay Out Of Our Ports

No Militarization of the Port of Oakland
Protest & Rally

Monday, August 12, 2002
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Oakland Federal Building
1301 Clay Street, Oakland, CA.

WE DEMAND that the Bush Administration stay out of the ongoing contract
negotiations of the ILWU or any unions at the West Coast Ports in an attempt
to threaten their workers' lawful rights

WE DEMAND that Bush and the Pacific Maritime Association stop using
"Homeland Security" as an excuse to militarize or federalize our Ports in
order to weaken the American Labor Movement

WE OPPOSE any attempt to militarize our Ports by bringing in the National
Guard or US Navy troops to replace American dockworkers or any American

BY BART: Take BART to the Oakland City Center-12th Street Station. Take the
Plaza Exit and walk west through the Plaza, then cross Clay Street to the
Federal Building.

BY CAR: From San Francisco, take I-80 east to I-980. Take 12th St. exit and
go to 11th St., turning left over overpass. Drive three blocks to Clay St.
and turn left. Drive one block. From San Jose, take I-880 north, take
Broadway exit, turn right on Broadway and drive six blocks. Turn left on
12th St., drive one block and turn right on Clay St.

This summer - workers across Alameda County - are unifying their struggles
to fight for new contracts and a Voice@Work - against employers attempting
to eliminate good jobs that we need in our communities, take away
healthcare & benefits from our families, attack workers' rights, and
threaten public services & the health of our neighborhoods.

Contact Robert Dhondrup at the Central Labor Council of Alameda County
AFL-CIO (510) 632-4242.

visiting, but from jefferson state...

How else can we support? 08.Aug.2002 13:42

radical union supporter

The Portland action sounds hella boring, even if it's important. (And the Seattle action sounds way more interesting!) Is there any way that Portland-area folks can support the Longshore workers other than listening to speeches for an hour?

Thanks, and solidarity!

Excitement you ask for... 08.Aug.2002 14:43


Sounds boring you say. Maybe so. But ILWU is anything but a boring union and showing up with BIG community support is ever so important. The Bush plan is to break this union and if they do so it will be a huge defeat for all working people, planet-wide...

Here are a couple ideas for support. Go to this ILWU web page  http://www.ilwu.org/SolidarityDay_frame1.htm and download the Activist Support Pack and use it to garner further support. There are various documents you can get organizations to sign-on-to with their support committments.

Or go to the Monday rally with a video camera or a tape recorder and make a video or audio recording and post it to the wire. If you don't have those capabilities use paper and pencil and write a newsire item. And if the speeches are just plain boring then find somebody MORE interesting and interview them. Become a journalist. Turn the boring into exciting. Use your imagination...

state of jefferson

from the national AFL-CIO... 09.Aug.2002 07:22

union guy

August 7, 2002
Chicago, Illinois

Support for ILWU Bargaining

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) is engaged in a critical collective bargaining fight that has implications for the entire labor movement. The ILWU represents 16,000 dockworkers who handle cargo in ports along the West Coast. The union is negotiating with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA), the employer group that is attempting to slash workers' health benefits and introduce new technology aimed at outsourcing union jobs. Other employers, such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Target, have joined together in the West Coast Waterfront Coalition to support the PMA.

The ILWU contract with PMA expired on July 1, 2002. In a show of good faith, the ILWU has continued to negotiate beyond the expiration, working on a day-by-day contract extension. However, the PMA has indicated that it may lockout ILWU members and is seeking federal intervention to support a lockout. Negotiations will resume on August 14.

The Bush Administration is threatening the ILWU with military action in support of a lockout of the ILWU longshore workers in the event of an impasse in negotiations. The mere threat of intervention is an unconscionable effort to bolster the PMA's contract demands and threatens the legitimate collective bargaining rights of longshore workers. On a larger scale, the threatened use of federal troops to determine the outcome of a collective bargaining dispute undermines the basic civil rights of the labor movement and all American workers.

The AFL-CIO supports the efforts of the ILWU, and all other affected unions, in their efforts to reach a fair and equitable resolution of the current bargaining dispute. We already have staff on the ground in a half-dozen strategic West Coast port cities organizing actions to bolster the ILWU's bargaining position.

In addition, the AFL-CIO will take the following actions, and urge federation affiliates to do so as well:

Communicate with the Bush Administration and urge it to publicly pledge that it will not intervene in the collective bargaining process and under no circumstances use troops to support a lockout and undermine the basic rights of American workers.

Urge other elected officials to call upon the Bush Administration to extricate itself from this legitimate labor dispute and adopt a position of non-intervention.

Work with the ILWU to support upcoming mobilization efforts and Labor Day rallies in support of the longshore workers' struggle.

Take all other appropriate actions to support and assist the ILWU in its fight for a just contract.

Time To Question Daschel On Fast Track 11.Aug.2002 23:20

Bay Area Workers Democracy Network united@labornet.org

Tom Daschle the Keynote speaker for the ILWU in Portland has in fact a record of union busting. He was instrumental in keeping the IBT out of FedEx by stalling a bill that would have allowed the IBT to organize FedEx terminal by terminal.
He also most recently organized and voted for FAST TRACK in Congress. He joined Bush in pushing an open union busting bill similar to NAFTA which is aimed at destroying unions not only around the world but in the US. Fast Track will push privatization, deregulation and slave labor.
He should also be asked if he supports the elimination of Taft-Hartley. This anti-labor bill has been used to thwart labor solidarity by banning the secondary boycott and making it illegal for workers to take solidarity action for strikers and locked out workers.

In Solidarity,
The Bay Area Workers Democracy Network

MAP to ILWU 12.Aug.2002 12:16


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