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'Turn the other cheek' is a moral responsibility

Not only is there never justification for war- there is not justification for any military.

If you are wanting paradise to come about deduce honour--- it means death before pride.

All pride is sin - there are no countries.

Imagine a world of no buying and no selling because that's where we are going.

'Divinity' is dedication to truth.

Do right.

Let love inspire.

Turn away from pride and all things that extoll it--- actually, ya, that does mean money.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid of homelessness.

Know that conscientiousness is the supreme law- that if you can do something responsibly you have the right to do it.

Pride is not a right- you do not have the right to be proud.

'Innocent until proven guilty' is not just for individuals- it is for everything- the whole of society--- this means that, actually, it is a violation of right for a cop to have a gun--- that it is a violation of right for a cop to wear a bullet-proof vest----- that your right is violated if the best is not assumed of you and your world.

Dedicate yourself to truth and look at the world around you-- it's yours and there is a path to maximum happiness- think.

all love,

who is you

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background 08.Aug.2002 11:27


Jesus clarifies what he means by non-violence by three brief examples. I will only mention one. "If anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn the other also.' Why the right cheek ? (I would like a volunteer to help me demonstrate what Jesus means.)

A blow by the right fist in that right -handed world would land on the left cheek of the opponent. To strike the right cheek with the fist would require using the left hand, but in that society the left hand was used only for unclean tasks.

The only way you could strike the right cheek with the right hand was HOW? ( with a backhand) We are unmistakably dealing here, not with a fist fight, but an insult. The intention, clearly, is not to injure, but to humiliate, to put someone in his or her place. One normally did not backhand a PEER, and if one did, the fine was exorbitant. But the backhand was the normal way of admonishing inferiors. Masters backhanded slaves; husbands backhanded wives; parents backhanded children; men backhanded women; Romans backhanded Jews. Jesus' listeners are in every case not those who strike, initiate lawsuits or impose forced labor, but their victims. WHY THEN DOES JESUS COUNSEL THESE ALREADY HUMILIATED PEOPLE TO TURN THE OTHER CHEEK? BECAUSE IT ROBS THE OPPRESSOR OF THE POWER TO HUMILIATE. THE PERSON WHO TURNS THE OTHER CHEEK IS SAYING. IN EFFECT, " TRY AGAIN. YOUR FIRST BLOW FAILED TO ACHIEVE ITS INTENDED EFFECT. I DENY YOU THE POWER TO HUMILIATE ME. I AM A HUMAN BEING JUST LIKE YOU. YOU CANNOT DEMEAN ME."

Such a response would create enormous difficulties for the striker. How do I now hit the victim's other cheek? If I hit with a fist, the victim has made me his equal. But the whole point of the back of the hand is to reinforce the caste system and its institutionalized inequality. Even if the master orders the servant flogged, the point has been made. The "Superior" has been forced, against his will, to regard the "inferior' as an equal human being. He has been stripped of his power to dehumanize the other. The next time you hear the phrase Turn the other cheek" remember that it means do not allow the one who strikes you to backhand you as if you are inferior- force the other to hit you with a fist, thereby treating you as an equal." At least this way you will not allow yourself to be humiliated.