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BARK news & weekend campout & CFA forest revue

From the BARK listserve:
-Campout this weekend Aug 10 & 11th
-Help kill Wyden's Old Growth Logging Bill!
- Learn about the Cooper Spur projects at the
Cascadia Forest Alliance
Revue, Thursday, August 15
-BARK cable t.v. schedule

1. Campout this weekend at the tri-sale complex
of Bearknoll, Hilynx &
Juncrock: August 10 & 11.

2. Help Kill Wyden's Old Growth Logging Bill!
Your calls and letters
are needed.

3. Learn about the Cooper Spur projects at the
Cascadia Forest Alliance
Revue, Thursday, August 15

4. Bark TV - best in Portland!


1. Campout this weekend at the tri-sale complex
of Bearknoll, Hilynx &
Juncrock: August 10 & 11.

Join Bark on August 10 & 11 for a campout at the
tri-sale complex of
Bearknoll, Hilynx & Juncrock. All three sales
are immediately adjacent
to each other, located on the east side of Mt.
Hood, between Highway 26
and the White River, just north of Warm Spring
Reservation, and both
east and west of forest road 43. Activities will

- A Bearknoll hike. The Bearknoll EIS is due out
soon. Bearknoll is
821 acres total, including 217 acres of
regeneration cut, 564 commercial
thin acres, 21 overstory removal acres, 19
riparian reserve thinning
acres. It also includes 4.1 miles of temporary
roads. Issues of
concern include old-growth logging, effects to
spotted owls, road
building in a Tier 2 watershed, and logging
old-growth and mature trees
in the Highway 26 scenic viewshed.

- A Juncrock hike. The Juncrock EIS is due out
soon. Bearknoll is 550
acres, includes 0.5 miles road construction and
approximately 1 mile
road reconstruction. The planning area is
immediately adjacent to the
White River Late Successional Reserve. The
planning area is identified
as a Tier 2 Key Watershed in the Northwest Forest
Plan. The Juncrock
Timber Sale is included in the C-1, Timber
Emphasis allocation, and the
B-2, Scenic Viewshed allocation, of the Mt Hood
Forest Plan.

- A Hilynx hike. Hilynx is scheduled to be
auctioned this summer and is
a very under-explored and under-appreciated
timber sale. It contains
some classic old-growth stands.

- A Road-Rip presentation/hike. Road-rip is a
project to close,
obliterate, decommission and fix roads on Mt
Hood. Road-Rip volunteers
bicycle and drive roads, measuring distance,
looking for problem areas
and just having fun riding in the woods! The
information we find is used
to pressure the Forest Service to do what is
necessary to stop these
roads from negatively impacting the ecosystem.
As with our timber sale
monitoring program, we ask people to go
groundtruthing with us, write
letters and attend any rallies we plan in the
future. For more
information on Bark's Road-Rip project, contact
Natalie: (503) 289-6258
or email at  natscat@quik.com

- Swimming opportunities in local streams.

- Ground-truthing basics.

Carpools will LEAVE the Daily Grind (SE Hawthorne
& 40th) Saturday,
August 10 and Sunday, August 11 at 9:30 am.
Please arrive by 9:15 am.
Although on the east-side, the sales are only a
1.5 hour drive from
Portland, and they are easily accessible off of
Highway 26.

Bring all your own camping gear, food & water.
We will supply the
campfire. Dress for off-trail hiking, which
means sturdy shoes and
pants. It is supposed to be hot again by this
weekend, so bring plenty
of water. Also bring swimming gear.


2. Help kill Wyden's Old Growth Logging Bill!
Your calls and letters
are needed.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has recently proposed a
piece of draft
legislation called the Forest Protection and
Restoration Act of 2002,
which you may have heard referred to as the Old
Growth bill.

This draft bill is bad, bad, bad. There is
nothing good about it. It
doesn't protect old-growth, it guts all
environmental laws, it takes
away citizens legal rights and it calls for a
total logging free-for-all
on the eastside (east of the Cascades into Idaho)


- NO EASTSIDE SACRIFICE - Under no circumstances
must our eastside
forests pay the price for protecting mature and
old-growth forests on
the westside. Old forests on the eastside of our
region need protection
too, not less! Ask him to DROP the eastside
provisions from his

region's top scientists
and economists have officially requested
protection for all forests 80
years or older (to read their letters visit
irreplaceable forests are extremely important for
threatened plants and
wildlife, not to mention to people as a source of
clean water and air.
65% of residents in Washington and Oregon want to
see forests 80 years
or older protected! Ron Wyden should too.

citizen rights to
engage in public process on public lands is


516 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-5244

700 NE Multnomah St. Suite 450
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 326-7525

bill would
- Protect stands (but not individual trees) 120
years or older in the
Northwest Forest Plan area of Washington and
Oregon (that includes about
13 national forests and 5 BLM districts), IF the
Forest Service decides
the entire stand meets old growth
- Grant these forests protection only on the
condition that all lawsuits
related to the Northwest Forest Plan are settled;
- Take away any future right to sue on any of the
logging projects done
under the bill;
- Grant the Forest Service a presumption in favor
of their logging
project in any administrative or judicial appeal
of any project;
- One of the most disturbing elements of the
proposal is a provision for
eastside forests in Washington and Oregon, and
all of Idaho which would
create a "Collaborative Review Board" (stacked in
industry's favor) to
identify, approve, and expedite logging projects
on federal lands.
Citizens would still be allowed to comment and
litigate on these
projects, but the process would be expedited
(comment period only lasts
15 days) and the courts are directed to give
extra deferential treatment
to the Forest Service; and
- None of the forests in the eastside or Idaho
would receive old-growth
- The text of the proposed language is available
on Senator Wyden's


3. Learn about the Cooper Spur projects at the
Cascadia Forest Alliance
Revue, Thursday, August 15

August 15th: CFA Revue, 7:30 pm Liberty Hall
311 N Ivy (just West of N. Vancouver)

"Cooper Spur Wild & Free: Defending the NE Side
of Mt. Hood." Why are
local residents, recreationists, and
environmentalists (including Bark)
coming together to protect the NE Side of the
mountain from commercial
development? Find out what Meadows and the
Forest Service plan for Mt.
Hood's future, and what you can do about it.
Plus: Jobs with Justice
Update. Surprise Musical Guests


4. Bark TV - best in Portland!

Willamette Week has awarded producer Jim Lockhart
and the Bark TV show
(Bark for Mt. Hood) the award for Portland's best
cable access TV show.
Congratulations Jim!

See the award winning show
August 14 at 10:00 pm on channel 21
August 19 at 6:30 pm on channel 21
August 22 at 10:00 pm on channel 11


Bark out!

Greg Dyson
Executive Director, Bark
PO Box 12065
Portland, OR 97212

homepage: homepage: http://www.bark-out.org